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Ad Astra Healing

Featured - Silver
Reiki, Raslouw 0157

We are formally trained and proficient in a wide variety of healing methods and the formulation and use of natural remedies, which we tailor to individual needs, according to each person's life path. We all encounter hardships in life, and we often struggle to cope. It makes us wonder what our purpose in life is, and why the universe serves us with seemingly insurmountable obstacles on our path. We sometimes feel depressed and helpless. How can we attain happiness and fulfil our life mission ...

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Dentist Dr Emil Jansen

Featured - Silver
Dentists, Wierdapark 0157

Dr Emil Jansen bases his practice on the five cornerstones of high standards, education and prevention, uncompromising safety, training and expertise, and a positive experience. High Standards Dr Emil Jansen and his team maintains the highest standards of excellence in personalized dental care. This enables us to provide you with the quality treatments you deserve. Education & Prevention Dr Emil believes that education and preventive care are the keys to enjoying good oral health. He ...

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The Reiki Experience

Featured - Silver
Reiki, Northcliff 2195

Benefits of Reiki: May ease depression and anxiety Helps you cope with and alleviate stress Helps with physical, mental and emotional pain and illness Promotes feelings of calm & well-being Relaxes the body and mind Encourages emotional release Relaxes muscles and tension Eases aches and pains Balances ones energy & promotes peaceful sleep Strengthens the body's self-healing processes Reiki works for animals too - for stress, aches and pains ...

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Social Worker, Centurion Golf Estate 0046

Sarie Nell specialises in supportive legal and related services during and after divorce as well as forensic investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse. Sarie also renders services towards school regarding child-on-child sexual behaviour and drafting of protocols relating issues of child sexual abuse, sexual behaviour, physical, emotional abuse and bully behaviour. Sarie Nell is a registered qualified Social Worker in Private practice who obtained her BA Social work (Hons) degree ...

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Reiki by Helen

Featured - Silver
Reiki, Edenburg 2128

I am an internationally qualified Karuna Reiki Master, registered with The International Center for Reiki Training, an internationally qualified Lightarian Reiki Master, registered with the Lightarian Institute and an independent Usui Reiki Master, Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher, providing holistic treatments and Reiki tuition. I have completed the FAMSA (Family Life Centre) Basic Counselling course, a 1 year Shaman course, Basic and Advanced Tarot card reading courses and various channelling ...

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Kinesiology, Durbanville 7550

Hello, I am Helen, a Wellness Practitioner I love facilitating people of all ages through individual, couple or family transformation. I have over 22 years’ experience of working with people of all ages using scientifically founded holistic wellness techniques. Modalaties: * Kinesiology * Holistic Psychology * Life Coaching * Bach Flower Remedies * Frequency Treatment (aka Rife Treatment) My areas of expertise: Anxiety - Life Direction - Nutrition - Stress Management - Relationships ...

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Weight Loss Personal Trainers, Durban CBD 4001

I am a Personal Trainer and Wellness consultant in the Durban area. I can help you with weight loss, increasing your fitness and strength and improving your quality of life. I cater for women and men that are just starting their fitness journey and for the advanced athlete. Contact me for a free assessment and to chat about your goals.

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Family Wellness Chiropractics, Centurion Central 0046

Dr Gert Ferreira qualified with his Masters degree in Technology of Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg. During his studies he was privileged to work at UJ's Chiropractic clinic as an Assistant Clinician, he was also President of the Student Chiropractic Sports Council. Dr Gert Ferreira was invited to join the Golden Key International Honor Society. This Society is an international non - profit organisation which recognizes academic excellence. Membership is by invitation only and is purely ...

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Day Spas, Sea Point 8005

Ginkgo Express Spa at the Winchester Mansions Are you pressed for time? Ginkgo Express offers a variety of express spa services for that quick escape from your Busy Schedule! We have learned to understand that your “me time' is a precious and often a rare commodity. There are times where schedules get busy, and moments where a slower pace is essential. We’ve designed the service offering to meet expectations of both worlds. Our 'express' treatments such as the popular Back, and ...

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Ginkgo Petite Spa

Featured - Bronze
Day Spas, Claremont 7708

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax……… Tucked away in the exclusive suburb of Claremont Upper, Cape Town is our Ginkgo Petite Spa, discreetly nestled in the privacy of the beautiful gardens of the 5-star Andros Deluxe Boutique Hotel. This little gem is a haven for guests needing some precious time away from their busy lives. Sip on a warm welcome cup of Chai whilst breathing in the scents of the specially made nourishing balms used in our body treatments. This Petite ...

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Drug and Alcohol, Linden 2195

Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic. Male and Female clients. Inpatient and Outpatient treatment. Practice Number: 0454664. Medical Aid payments accepted. 3 weeks to 3 months Inpatient treatment.Aftercare and Family support. 7 Support Group meetings per week. Medical Doctors; Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, Addiction Counselors and Clinical professional nurses.24/7 medical care onsite.Detoxification included.

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Couples, Lonehill 2191

Been through a divorce or break-up? Unable to maintain a long-term relationship? I will help you to understand why your last relationship did not work, how to pick-up the pieces and create new, healthier relationships going forward. Looking to get married or move in together? Does your relationship feel rocky? I will help you to create a strong foundation that can withstand any speed-bump that comes along the way. Couples that grow together stay together. High staff turnover in a department ...

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Deep Tissue Massage, Glenvista 2091

AURA THAI SPA Relax in tranquil serenity. ALL therapists are qualified. Our decor is based on northern thailand.Feel free to take a look at our website and build up your own treatments, please take a look at our specials there is some great vaule for money. On all treatments done you will receive a FREE light snack, tea or juice ,and a fruit bowl. We also have a nail bar on the premises. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Ayurveda, Randburg CBD 2194

Dr Ram Garg completed an undergraduate BAMS at Kurukshetra University. He managed the Vimla multi-speciality Hospital in Yamunanagar while simultaneously practising as a General Medical Doctor for 10 years. After his medical practice he completed his Masters Degree in Alternate Healing as well as a Diploma in Panchakarma. He has presented several research papers in seminars held globally. His thesis Psycho-Spiritual Healing (MANO-NIGRAH) was presented in the Ayurveda Congress. In 2003 he presented ...

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Aerobics Gyms, Pretoria Central 0001

24 years in Business Fitness Facility, Gym, Heated Swimming Pool, Biokineticists, Physiotherapist Various Fitness Classes 24 hours, 7 days per week Relaxed atmosphere Personalised attention No fancy clothing or skills needed Safe and secure environment on CSIR Campus - Brummeria

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Retreats, Table View 7441

Beauty & Wellness Salon We specialize in Ozone Therapy which assists with detoxing, weight loss, boosting your immune system plus many more benefits. We also do Waxing, Hot Stone or Swedish Massages, Facials, Pedicures, Manicures and Teeth Whitening. We take care of our clients with compassion and professionalism. We keep it small so that we can spend quality time with our clients. Our mission is to ensure that our clients' are well looked after, needs are met and that they leave feeling absolutely ...

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Catie Dietetics

More more more stars! Catie Dietetics helped me reach my goals and better my relationship with food and myself!

Trixi Blumschein Physiotherapy

Trixi Blumschein Physiotherapy is an amazing wellness therapy establishment which allows people to realise their potential and feel energised. Everyone is treat...

Morag Wade Mackay Visit listing page

Ad Astra Healing

Elsonia spoke to me for a short while to understand my situation. Then she gave my the most wonderful healing and unblocked a lot of obstacles in my mind. Plus...

Clive Gardner Visit listing page

Dr. Julia Meyer

Very professional, sorted my shoulder pain and back pain out in just a few sessions.

Graham Yutar Visit listing page

Dr Graham Yutar

Dr Yutar has been fantastic in helping me with all kinds of ailments. I highly recommend him.

Ruth Ovens Visit listing page

DynamX Ladies Health Studio

An all round fitness program that includes ALL aspects of health and fitness. A real COMMUNITY of like minded women so fitness feels more like a date with a goo...

Healing Soul

She is having wonderful Energy, it really helps me in my life. Thanks

4S Slimming Products

Love the new 5S Slimming pills. I have lost 12kg so far in 3 months and will be ordering more. Need to lose about 25kg in total :)

Lize Kruger Hydrotherapy

What an incredible Pool!! My therapist Lize has extensive knowledge, patience and is one of the BEST THERAPIST the results are Unbelievable! NO MORE PAIN! TH...

Lee-Anne Bauwer Visit listing page

EnsoZen Studio

My wife and I have been doing private Pilates classes with Sal for just over 2 years now and we are so happy we found her! Sal is an excellent instructor tha...

Resources to keep you informed

Moksha Reiki

A year ago if someone told me I would be a reiki practitioner, I would have said they lost their mind. I had heard about it but had no interest in it.

The Chakras

It is vital to understand that the happiness of our life, is determined by the quality of our thoughts.

Treating Breast Cancer – A Holistic Approach

The genes in our cell’s nucleus – the “control room” of the cell – can sometimes undergo abnormal changes or mutations.

The healing power of Shiatsu massage

In Shiatsu massage, the palms, fingers, and thumbs are the therapist’s main tools. During the massage, the therapist applies pressure to specific points of the body for periods of two to eight seconds. The therapist will target areas of the body believed to be connected to energy pathways – known as meridians – to improve balance in the body and help to heal certain ailments.

What happens during Sports massages?

Many factors differentiate traditional massage from sports massage. Sports massage focuses on deep and restorative stimulation with a goal of rehabilitating muscles and enhancing athletic enhancement, whereas traditional massage concerns itself with aiding stress relief and providing relaxation.

What to expect during a Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a massage tradition that centres on the use of several smooth, heated stones in the massage technique. During the session, the therapist places the heated stones on specific regions of the body while giving a massage. Basalt river rocks are often used for these massages because they are naturally smooth and are known to retain heat effectively. In essence, the heated stones provide localised heat and weight to purposefully chosen regions of the body.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is the technique of massage that most probably comes to mind when one thinks of a quintessential massage experience: One-on-one time with a therapist, aromatic oils and lotions, deep rubbing and massage techniques, and smooth, slow movements. Swedish massage incorporates a variety of movement types, such as gliding, kneading, rubbing, stroking, pounding, vibration, or tapping.

How can Thai massage improve your lifestyle?

Thai massage combines a variety of disciplines to make for a uniquely relaxing and restorative massage experience. Thai massage combines traditional healing techniques that include acupuncture, assisted yoga postures, reflexology, and more. In contrast to many other types of traditional massage, Thai massage does not involve the use of oils or lotions to lubricate the body or reduce friction.

Massage: How can it help you?

Massage is renowned as a therapeutic discipline that has physical health benefits, as well as mental health benefits. Massage can be restorative and rehabilitative for damaged muscles, strained ligaments, or stiff joints, and can help to surface emotional turmoil, ease stress, or simply improve mood.

Coming up vegan

Vegan options are seen more and more on everyday menus and new vegan restaurants have opened their doors throughout the city. Defining a vegan diet would be as follows: A type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, dairy products, eggs and honey, but includes a wide variety of plant foods. Reasons for ‘going vegan’ include avoiding the killing and suffering of animals, and the killing of wildlife for profits.

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