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Sarie Nell

Featured - Gold
Social Worker, Centurion Golf Estate 0046

Sarie Nell specialises in supportive legal and related services during and after divorce as well as forensic investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse. Sarie also renders services towards school regarding child-on-child sexual behaviour and drafting of protocols relating issues of child sexual abuse, sexual behaviour, physical, emotional abuse and bully behaviour. Sarie Nell is a registered qualified Social Worker in Private practice who obtained her BA Social work (Hons) degree ...

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Kinesiology, Durbanville 7550

Hello, I am Helen, a Wellness Practitioner I love facilitating people of all ages through individual, couple or family transformation. I have over 22 years’ experience of working with people of all ages using scientifically founded holistic wellness techniques. Modalaties: * Kinesiology * Holistic Psychology * Life Coaching * Bach Flower Remedies * Frequency Treatment (aka Rife Treatment) My areas of expertise: Anxiety - Life Direction - Nutrition - Stress Management - Relationships ...

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U-Care Medical Centre

Featured - Bronze
General Practioners, Johannesburg CBD 2000

Feel better! Welcome to U-Care Medical Centres We make you feel better through our range of quality medical services in convenient locations. Besides individual patients we also serve companies with innovative occupational health solutions Our Services Include: - General Practitioners - Primary Health Care - Travel Medicine - Men's Clinic - Women's Clinic - LGBTIAQ Services - Dentist - Optometry / Optician - X-Ray - Occupational Health U-Care Medical Centres is a black woman ...

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AnamCara's Healing

Featured - Bronze
Reiki, Blairgowrie 2194

AnamCara's Healing - nestled in the quiet leafy suburb of Blairgowrie this Alternative Healing practice is tranquil space to destress, relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Your facilitator (Diane) is a trained Complementary Therapist and Energy Facilitator with a HHI Comp Therapy qualification , Independant Usuii Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Retrieval Facilitator, Munay Ki Facilitator and Wombkeeper (Rite of the Womb) Services Hot Stone Massage Thai Foot Reflexology Acupressure ...

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Weight Loss Personal Trainers, Durban CBD 4001

I am a Personal Trainer and Wellness consultant in the Durban area. I can help you with weight loss, increasing your fitness and strength and improving your quality of life. I cater for women and men that are just starting their fitness journey and for the advanced athlete. Contact me for a free assessment and to chat about your goals.

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Family Wellness Chiropractics, Centurion Central 0046

Dr Gert Ferreira qualified with his Masters degree in Technology of Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg. During his studies he was privileged to work at UJ's Chiropractic clinic as an Assistant Clinician, he was also President of the Student Chiropractic Sports Council. Dr Gert Ferreira was invited to join the Golden Key International Honor Society. This Society is an international non - profit organisation which recognizes academic excellence. Membership is by invitation only and is purely ...

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Day Spas, Sea Point 8005

Ginkgo Express Spa at the Winchester Mansions Are you pressed for time? Ginkgo Express offers a variety of express spa services for that quick escape from your Busy Schedule! We have learned to understand that your “me time' is a precious and often a rare commodity. There are times where schedules get busy, and moments where a slower pace is essential. We’ve designed the service offering to meet expectations of both worlds. Our 'express' treatments such as the popular Back, and ...

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Ginkgo Petite Spa

Featured - Bronze
Day Spas, Claremont 7708

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax……… Tucked away in the exclusive suburb of Claremont Upper, Cape Town is our Ginkgo Petite Spa, discreetly nestled in the privacy of the beautiful gardens of the 5-star Andros Deluxe Boutique Hotel. This little gem is a haven for guests needing some precious time away from their busy lives. Sip on a warm welcome cup of Chai whilst breathing in the scents of the specially made nourishing balms used in our body treatments. This Petite ...

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Drug and Alcohol, Linden 2195

Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic. Male and Female clients. Inpatient and Outpatient treatment. Practice Number: 0454664. Medical Aid payments accepted. 3 weeks to 3 months Inpatient treatment.Aftercare and Family support. 7 Support Group meetings per week. Medical Doctors; Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, Addiction Counselors and Clinical professional nurses.24/7 medical care onsite.Detoxification included.

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Couples, Lonehill 2191

Been through a divorce or break-up? Unable to maintain a long-term relationship? I will help you to understand why your last relationship did not work, how to pick-up the pieces and create new, healthier relationships going forward. Looking to get married or move in together? Does your relationship feel rocky? I will help you to create a strong foundation that can withstand any speed-bump that comes along the way. Couples that grow together stay together. High staff turnover in a department ...

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Deep Tissue Massage, Glenvista 2091

AURA THAI SPA Relax in tranquil serenity. ALL therapists are qualified. Our decor is based on northern thailand.Feel free to take a look at our website and build up your own treatments, please take a look at our specials there is some great vaule for money. On all treatments done you will receive a FREE light snack, tea or juice ,and a fruit bowl. We also have a nail bar on the premises. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Ayurveda, Randburg CBD 2194

I am qualified Ayurvedic doctor from India working in South Africa since 2003. I have an integrated approach to health and work closely with my clients to find unique Solutions to presenting questions. Integrating ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with current system, and drawing on a variety of techniques, I am able to offer a perfect health naturally. We have two Ayurveda centres located in Johannesburg, South Africa and Rishikesh, India. Diagnosis and treatment is offered at both centres, while Rishikesh ...

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Aerobics Gyms, Pretoria Central 0001

24 years in Business Fitness Facility, Gym, Heated Swimming Pool, Biokineticists, Physiotherapist Various Fitness Classes 24 hours, 7 days per week Relaxed atmosphere Personalised attention No fancy clothing or skills needed Safe and secure environment on CSIR Campus - Brummeria

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Retreats, Table View 7441

Beauty & Wellness Salon We specialize in Ozone Therapy which assists with detoxing, weight loss, boosting your immune system plus many more benefits. We also do Waxing, Hot Stone or Swedish Massages, Facials, Pedicures, Manicures and Teeth Whitening. We take care of our clients with compassion and professionalism. We keep it small so that we can spend quality time with our clients. Our mission is to ensure that our clients' are well looked after, needs are met and that they leave feeling absolutely ...

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Sports Injury Chiropractors, Claremont 7708

Peak Chiropractic loves to help people to thrive! Our practice members report less back & neck pain, fewer headaches, more mobility, colic relief, better sleep, increased energy, fewer ear infections, reduced reflux, shorter labour times, decreased injuries. We are passionate about helping people to activate their human potential and maximise personal performance. We focus on creating health, not treating disease. We are passionate about helping to improve the health literacy of people in South ...

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Traditional Massage, Goodwood 7460

My introduction into natural and holistic therapies took place in 2003 when I was living and working in London. In much need of healing myself I tried Reiki. My response to it was astounding and inspired me to study Reiki and share it with others. I then proceeded to study Karuna-ki Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shiatsu and other practices. In 2010 I was doing Atma Kriya yoga and Arhatic yoga when I met Sri Swami Vishwananda and received the blessing to practice as OM healing facilitator. I feel blessed ...

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Dream Nails Beauty Newmarket

Thank you Dreamnails Newmarket for your great service and nails that last, your aftercare advice is fantastic!

Dr John Souglides Advanced Hypnosis

I wish to thank Dr John for all that he has done for me personally. His work is of superior quality, integrity and professionalism. He has changed my life and...

Anna Aronis Visit listing page

Holistic Health with Helen

I have been seeing Helen since September 2018. Being a referral from my Johannesburg energy healer, I was extremely sceptical and nervous. Since moving to Cape...

Zelda Malan Visit listing page

Meraki Skin & Body

Had the BEST massage at Meraki Skin and Body. Great atmosphere, very relaxing. I will definitely be back!!!

Linbro park Dental and Medical clinic

Very comfortable clinic , service like this you can have only in this place. This group of doctors its so helpful! Once you visit this clinic You will be impr...

Dr. Petrus Visit listing page

Dr Leezy Long Parkhurst Chiropractor

Thank you to the best, kind hearted chiropractor out there. Dr Long is not the type of chiropractor that has you in and out in a few minutes. I have never felt ...

Adriana Moore Visit listing page

Smiles for ALL - Dentist in Centurion

Thanks for your AWESOME service, I will def be coming back

My Urban Retreat, Master Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation Centre

“Towards the end of 2013, I was experiencing a rather stagnant period of my life, not sure what I should be doing, where I should be doing it or even who I sh...

Dr A. Caley Visit listing page

Rise Chiropractic

Dr da Silva helped me through a difficult pregnancy, her guidance and gentle care provided much relief. I am so grateful to have found chiropractic in the 3rd t...

Dr. Vicki Ferreira Chiropractor in Centurion

Dr. Vicki Ferreira has made ALL my back pain disapear in just a metter of a few sessions, all I can say is WOW...No Chiro has been able to help me, so thank you...

Matt Bekker Visit listing page

Resources to keep you informed

Homemade solutions to ease the effects of hair loss

Hair loss is something that can affect almost anyone and is one of the most common aesthetic and medical problems caused by ageing and a host of other factors. As of yet, there is no cure for hair loss and many treatment plans presented by professionals are costly and offer partial results at best. As a result, natural, low-cost home remedies are a better option for those who cannot afford expensive treatments or who want to avoid the use of chemicals. Read on to find out which home remedies we recommend if you are worried about hair loss:

What causes hair loss?

There is no simple solution to hair loss and it is a complicated symptom that stems from a complex array of possible causes. Hair loss can be triggered by psychological or physical stress and can be an indicator of dysfunction in the body, or simply bad luck in the genetic lottery. Read on to find out the common most causes of hair loss:

The latest trends in hair restoration techniques

Hair loss happens for a multitude of reasons. Ageing, stress, medical disorders or skin diseases are just a few triggers that can result in a thinning head of hair. For many, hair loss is a source of deep psychological stress and even embarrassment and can be a real blow to one’s self-esteem. However, new breakthroughs in technology are making hair restoration easier and easier to achieve. Here are 2019’s latest trends to give your tresses new life:

“Know thyself”, we are told, but how?

Do you have clarity in how you go about things, in your daily tasks, your movements, your thinking? Or are you like most people at the mercy of your reactions, a prisoner of your habits. These can be habits of thought, of posture, and of personality. They are more honestly called your idiosyncrasies or eccentricities. And not all of them are endearing or helpful. You may like to think that this is what makes you you, but these habits get in your way of being fully true to yourself.

Is life passing you by?

Is life passing you by while you wait for the 'perfect' time to realize your dreams, goals or desires? For example, some may put off their dreams until ‘the kids are in school’, or ‘the kids are out the house’. However, it is important to realise that there will never be a perfect time and the moment is right now! By waiting for the so-called ‘perfect time’, we are in fact postponing our own happiness in life.

The price of perfectionism

What does being a perfectionist mean? Simply, it means that there is absolutely no room for failure. Anything achieved by the perfectionist must be completely perfect and devoid of all errors. These expectations are self-imposed and are often unrealistic.

Dealing With Change

Life is constantly changing. Our circumstances change, we grow older, our children grow up, our jobs change, we move to different places and even the people we spend time with change. How do you feel about change? Does it scare or excite you? Does it make you feel stressed and anxious or do you look forward to the prospect of change?

What is a peptic ulcer and how can treat it?

A peptic ulcer is an extremely painful experience that can trigger multiple other unpleasant symptoms, such as longterm stomach pain, bloating or gas, an intolerance to fatty food, nausea and heartburn. Read on to find out how natural remedies can provide a solution:

The perfect ‘me-time’: How to detox through breathing exercises

The time-honoured tradition of using breathing exercises to meditate originates from ancient times and continues to be relied on by many people today. In the intense pace of 21st-century life, genuine calm and relaxation are often difficult to access. Read on to find out how you can harness the power of breath to free yourself from physical and mental distress.

Healthy habits to help those with depression

Medication and therapy sessions with a psychologist or counsellor are important factors in a person’s recovery from depression, but developing healthy daily habits should be given just as much consideration in one’s mental health plan. Healthy habits, such as practising a balanced diet, exercising regularly, nurturing relationships and hobbies and practising stress management techniques, can all drastically improve a person’s mental health.

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