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COVID-19 and lockdown has us all frazzled and stressed! Unwind, de-stress and re-balance your energy with a relaxing Reiki treatment. (These can be either in-person or via Zoom.)

  • Location: Durban CBD KwaZulu-Natal
  • Validity: from 26 Feb 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

Why use the NormaTec Recovery Boots System? This patented system is well researched and endorsed by elite athletes around the world. They live by their motto- “Fresh legs faster!” Sequential Compression Therapy offers the following benefits: 1) Reduces joint and muscle swelling and inflammation 2) Speeds up muscle recovery to allow for consistent training 3) Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after heavy loading 4) Increases joint flexibility and range of motion 5) Improves athletic performance by speeding up the clearance of muscular waste products To complement the NormaTec Recovery Boots, we also have the Hyperice Vyper (Vibrating Foam Roller) This innovative, well researched approach to foam rolling is used to provide the following benefits: 1) Improve muscle blood flow and joint range of motion 2) Rapidly reduce muscular/tendon stiffness easily (for example the ITB, Hamstrings, Achilles, Glutes) 3) Promote fascia mobility and prevent scar tissue adhesion effectively 4) Significantly more comfortable than conventional foam rolling 5) Effectively provide a vibrational massage and foam rolling benefits for the entire lower body in 10 minutes. Only R250 for a 30 minute recovery session.

  • Location: Umhlanga Rocks KwaZulu-Natal
  • Validity: from 04 Jul 2020 to 30 Oct 2020

Contact us for a FREE consultation to find out more about how our services can help you. Buy a package of 8 or more sessions and receive 2 FREE extra

  • Location: Milnerton Western Cape
  • Validity: from 17 Jun 2020 to 31 Aug 2020

This package is for someone that wants to set a realistic goal for themselves to start implementing correct nutrition and a healthy life-style. The focus will be on weight loss, muscle building and toning. Tailored according to your unique needs and goals. Package includes: Weekly Check-ins Me Monitoring and overseeing you via App Updates to your plan Me guiding you every step of the way

  • Location: Hout Bay Western Cape
  • Validity: from 11 Jun 2020 to 11 Jun 2035


  • Location: Langebaan Western Cape
  • Validity: from 08 Jun 2020 to 31 Aug 2020

Covid-19 has and still stretches our resources to the limit. Yes, you are doing your best at managing family and finances and finding novel ways of filling up your day. Maybe you embarked on learning a new skill or happy to get stuff done around the home now that you have some free time. So while you are doing great taking care of things, are you taking enough care of yourself whilst you are keeping the home fires going. If you feel you need a little 'me' time to help manage your stress and stay well and energized, you can take up my offer of 3 free 45-minute skype sessions. This is my gift in the hope that I can be of service to you during this very trying time.

  • Location: Fourways Gauteng
  • Validity: from 02 Mar 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

Be Hand and Feet-wise this season….. Summer is nearly over and your hands and feet need to be prepared for the winter months ahead! HAND & FOOT TREATMENT with a GEL polish finish Monday- Fridays for only R 300!

  • Location: Melville Gauteng
  • Validity: from 01 Feb 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

This offer is valid on Wednesdays only. Buy 1 60 min Full Body Massage and get 1 FREE You pay only R425 for 2

  • Location: Johannesburg CBD Gauteng
  • Validity: from 07 Feb 2020 to 31 Dec 2022

Get the How To Lose Belly Fat System at a discounted rate for limited time. The consultation usually cost R3000 but now you can get the exact system we use in our consultations for only R370 online. Visit our website for all the details.

  • Location: Kempton Park CBD Gauteng
  • Validity: from 28 Jan 2020 to 28 Feb 2021

A woman's beauty is not only In the glow of her skin But the depth of her eyes And the warmth of her heart A woman's strength is not only In the bow of her back But the magnitude of her tears And the softness of her words A woman's wisdom is not only In the value of her words But the knowledge of when to hold them And the journey she takes to learn them A woman's courage is not only In her determination to fight But her willingness to walk away And confidence to say no A woman's grace is not only In the way she dances through her day But in the love notes she leaves And the wonderful meals she prepares A woman's love is not only In the kisses she gives But in the sacrifices she makes And the moments given to you alone A woman's worth is not only In the things she does But who she truly is And who she helps you become

  • Location: Highlands North Gauteng
  • Validity: from 27 Jan 2020 to 19 Dec 2020

work 6 days a week--full office staff adhd in children also adhd in adults testing together with holistic treatment exercise diet sleep mindfulness medication

  • Location: Sea Point Western Cape
  • Validity: from 23 Jan 2020 to 01 Jan 2021

This call allows us some time to see whether my approach might be a good fit for the intentions you are setting for your wellbeing and recovery.

  • Location: Winchester Hills Gauteng
  • Validity: from 07 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

Pay as you use Services when you don't sign a contract but pay as and when you need them. We provide individual coaching and pyscho therapy sessions as well as group sessions. we also do 1 day Customised corporate wellness Sessions, based on your need and employee interest after we conduct a needs and interest analysis

  • Location: President Park Gauteng
  • Validity: from 06 Jan 2020 to 14 Dec 2020

All Personal training clients that trains at Flab2Fab private gym Midrand, free gym membership, only pay for your personal training sessions - minimum 3 months membership 20 x session per month at 40 min R5, 000/pm 20 x sessions per month at 60 min R5, 600/pm

  • Location: Garsfontein Gauteng
  • Validity: from 21 Oct 2019 to 31 Dec 2020

Free introductory session to determine your needs, explore the different coaching programs and tailor a program to get you the results you want!

  • Location: Darrenwood Gauteng
  • Validity: from 28 Nov 2019 to 31 Dec 2020

Treatments include reiki, long chakra balancing, crystal healing, reiki and crystal healing, reiki healing for children.

  • Location: Durban CBD KwaZulu-Natal
  • Validity: from 25 Apr 2019 to 01 Jan 2022

4S Slimming Products Bulk Offer 1 bottle at R450 2 bottles at R399 per bottle 3 bottles at R350 per bottle 5 bottles at R299 per bottle Prices include delivery to your door. Visit:

  • Location: Lydenburg Mpumalanga
  • Validity: from 02 Jan 2020 to 30 Nov 2020

The midweek special which runs from Sunday to Thursday nights, where you stay any 2 nights and get the third night free. Not applicable to school holidays and public holidays.

If you consider growing yourself and setting new goals or achieving your goals for this year, I am offering 1 free coaching session. This is to help you see if coaching will work for you. When you phone to set up the appointment, please indicated that you got this offer from Health4You. Coaching can be online or in-person.