Events for kids

  • Location: Morningside KwaZulu-Natal
  • Dates: from 01 Feb 2020 to 01 Jul 2020

As your mileage builds keep all those training niggles under control with comprehensive assessment and management plan

  • Location: Morningside KwaZulu-Natal
  • Dates: from 14 Jan 2020 to 15 Aug 2020

Come to our Centre to get fully looked after. We specialize in performance expertise, recovery, injury prevention and injury treatment so that you are back to training as soon as possible. No athlete wants to be out of training.

  • Location: Morningside KwaZulu-Natal
  • Dates: from 14 Jan 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

We specialize in injury prevention, athlete performance, injury treatment and recovery for runners. We have been at the leading front in Durban for 25 years.

  • Location: Waverley Gauteng
  • Dates: from 01 Apr 2020 to 22 Apr 2020

Live consultations on zoom or Wattsapp video. I will guide you through taking your measurements for your assessment and do a complete dietary assessment, continued with a personalised eating plan geared around lockdown. Online follow ups.

  • Location: Dan Pienaar Free State
  • Dates: from 27 Mar 2020 to 17 Apr 2020

During our Lockdown we still can be of service to you...For any Ideas or tips on healthy mealplans please feel free to contact us

8 WEEKS HIGHLY EXPERIENTIAL COURSE. HOW TO USE INNER RESOURCES TO BETTER RESPOND TO STRESS, PAIN OR ILLNESS What is Mindfulness ?   It is "paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and  non-judgmentally, to the unfolding of experience, moment to moment.“ "Mindfulness is not something that you have to 'get' or acquire.  It is already within you—a deep internal resource available and patiently waiting to be released and used in the service of learning, growing, and healing."   A life-affirming course in conscious living: • Approach your life with more composure, energy, understanding, enthusiasm, joy and contentment.  • Develop the ability to cope more effectively with both short-term and long-term stressful situations. • Enhance your ability to manage and reduce anxiety and pain levels in many instances. • Improve your focus and resilience. In this program you will learn: * How to articulate the key aspects of mindfulness as it relates to stress reduction, coping with pain and illness and enhancing well-being  • Differentiate MBSR from relaxation and other distraction techniques that may seem similar but are fundamentally and theoretically quite different in contending with difficulty and enhancing the quality of life • Practice and apply mindfulness techniques in both personal and professional settings as a means of contending more effectively with the demands of both settings • Integrate mindfulness into social interaction with colleagues, family and friends to facilitate more effective and mindful communication • Articulate the potential benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction (and mindfulness in general) to educate others about the benefits of such programs in their own lives

  • Location: Linden Gauteng
  • Dates: from 18 Apr 2020 to 19 Apr 2020

REIKI ENERGY HEALING IS GENTLE AND BRINGS AWARENESS, PEACE AND BALANCE TO YOUR LIFE. Reiki healing is non invasive. The client takes their shoes off and lays on a massage bed covered by a light blanket during the treatment. The Reiki practitioner passes on the healing to the client by allowing the universal energy to pass through their hands directly to the client. At no time is the practitioner every using their own energy during the healing. The clients body will only absorb as much energy as it requires. This REIKI LEVEL ONE WORKSHOP will assist you to empower yourself by learning various cleansing & self-healing techniques. These techniques will assist you to become more in charge of your life and enable you to live a happy and stress free existence. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO HEALING ON BOTH YOURSELF AND OTHERS. I offer workshops to both INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. Workshop Content: • Introduction • What is Reiki & how does it work? • The history of Reiki • The five Reiki principles • Preparing for the first-degree attunement & healing meditation • Chakras & auras • Self-treatment • One on one treatment for: o Family members, friends, o Babies, animals… o Bring comfort for the dying o Purify drinking water & food, heal plants… • Group treatments • Final thoughts For any additional Information about this course or other healing treatments I offer please call or whats app me.

  • Location: Ballito KwaZulu-Natal
  • Dates: from 18 Apr 2020 to 30 Aug 2020

This is a part time Introductory course, 200 hours. It is an Internationally certified diploma. We will cover subjects such as Functionl Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Philosophy, Energy, Meditation, Pranayama, Teaching skills, lesson planning and much more.

  • Location: Hout Bay Western Cape
  • Dates: from 28 Feb 2020 to 28 Nov 2020

Claremont Congregational Church Hall- MARKET Cnr. Main Road and Church Street Date : EVERY 4th Saturday of the Month Next events : 22 February 2020, 28th of March, 25th of April UNTIL NOVEMBER 28TH A FREE INTRODUCTION TO THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE The Market is organized by Cape Town Talent Exchange Community . Non members WELCOME!!!

This Private practice Workshop serves to empower Social Workers with relevant information and processes for successfully setting up their own practices.

  • Location: Johannesburg CBD Gauteng
  • Dates: from 29 Dec 2019 to 29 Dec 2020

Abortion Clinic in South Africa offering ultimate services in abortion with 8 years experience. Our abortion centers are equipped with primary facilities hence creating an environment of privacy, efficiency and discretion. You will be the only patient in the clinic. Our staff includes a gynecologist, registered nurse, and a counselor for your care. Our Abortion Prices are affordable to all South Africans therefore preventing unwanted pregnancies. Deliveries are done to those who can’t come in, at no extra cost.

We host 3 Yoga Retreats a year in Hogsback, Eastern Cape. These retreats take place in February, May and October. The yoga retreats are suitable for all levels of experience. Treat yourself to some 'time-out' in a beautiful, peaceful environment with delicious food and great company. The benefits of the yoga are accessible to ALL through the use of props. Calm your mind, free your body and nourish your soul. Yoga is an enriching way to learn, grow and inspire yourself!