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Come to our Centre to get fully looked after. We specialize in performance expertise, recovery, injury prevention and injury treatment so that you are back to training as soon as possible. No athlete wants to be out of training. 2021

ARCHETYPE WORKSHOP discover your … inner self + life purpose + life roadmap. Identifying your archetypal patterns gives you understanding of your life’s purpose and all the sacred contracts involved. Knowing your archetypes is like accessing a road map for your life. With your road map you can begin to know yourself, heal and transform yourself. Each person has 12 main archetypes. There are other archetypes present but 12 core patterns are present per person. These are more than the roles you play everyday, they are deep drives and passions which may not be entirely understood from a surface level. Once you have identified your archetypes those misunderstood feelings, situations, experiences make sense. For example: A person who has suppressed the Artist archetype within may experience depression. When the Artist is unleashed then depression subsides. A Mother archetype does not need to bear children in order for her to engage in caring and nurturing for others. If you have a dominant Prostitute archetype this can be self sabotaging but also healing as it pushes you to acknowledge your self worth. When you engage your archetypes you empower yourself so no one else can make decisions for you. The Archetype workshop Find out your archetypal patterns Observe how your desires show up in your life Make meaning of sacred contracts and your life’s purpose Use the light and dark of each pattern to help you with your vision for 2019 Online program to be done in your own time at your own pace. Facilitator: Helen Hansen wellness practitioner specialising in kinesiology, holistic psychology, archetypes

Calm your mind, free your body and nourish your soul. The yoga retreats are suitable for all levels of experience including beginners. The benefits of yoga are accessible to ALL through the use of props. Buccaneers Lodge and Backpackers, where the retreat is held, is a gem on the Wild Coast. Set in 8 hectares of indigenous forest and overlooking the Indian Ocean & Cintsa river, it is a beautiful and peaceful destination. The lodge has access to the beach and offers fresh, healthy, delicious food and clean, comfortable accommodation with stunning views. Improve your health, reduce stress and anxiety, allow some ‘me-time’ to recharge and renew and become a happier version of yourself!