Corporate yoga: Bringing meditation into the workplace

Corporate yoga: Bringing meditation into the workplace
In the stressful environment of a corporate office, group yoga sessions can be the perfect way to bring colleagues together, reduce stress and improve workplace morale. Corporate yoga is also an effective way to increase workplace productivity. By taking a healthy and active break from office work, employees are more likely to work effectively and enthusiastically afterwards.

Some of the benefits of corporate yoga for businesses, in general, include decreased health premiums, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism, higher levels of job satisfaction, more integration between staff, and more communication between higher and lower levels of staff. The benefits of corporate yoga for employees themselves include a reduced risk of depression, stress, and anxiety increased energy and reduced feelings of fatigue, improved concentration, focus and memory, improved flexibility and posture and muscle strength, and improved overall health.

Corporate yoga classes can be taught for all levels of yoga ability, from complete beginners to advanced students.

As a corporate yoga class should be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, most classes will be taught with the option for multiple modifications. Modifications in a yoga class allow students to approach the same pose in different ways to accommodate those students who have certain limitations. For example, participants with weak knees or sore muscles may be given easier or alternative options to achieve a specific position.

Some additional benefits of corporate yoga include an improved digestive system. Sitting at an office desk for long hours with little to no movement can have a severely negative impact on one’s digestive system by increasing the risk of indigestion, heartburn and acidity. Sitting at one’s desk for long hours can also cause boredom and stress to set in, which can motivate office workers to turn to unhealthy snacks or high-sugar drinks to fuel themselves and reduce their boredom. Corporate yoga can be an effective intervention in this regard because it encourages increased movement and bowel health. Certain movements in yoga, such as deep leg twists, are highly effective at eliminating any accumulation of toxins in the digestive system. Corporate yoga is also an effective boredom-fighter, which helps office workers make clearer and healthier eating and drinking choices. 

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