Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

The days of Yoga being associated with Hippies and sage cleansing are drawing to a close. The age-old practice is making its way into more conventional places as people come to realize the spiritual, psychological and benefits of Yoga. As people become aware of how Yoga affects work ethics, performance and stress management, it starts to make sense why companies would seek out Corporate Yoga as a way to enhance employee happiness and productivity.


Before you start wondering if this Yoga Practice is going to leave you heaving and sweating in the middle of your workday, stop wondering. Corporate Yoga is a more meditative practice as opposed to some other vigorous, sweat inducing forms of Yoga – speaking of which, read up on other Yoga Practices on our webpage!


The workplace is an environment that is considered to be stress inducing and tense. Work also has found a way to creep into our private lives even once we have left the office. This constant pressure leads employees to feel anxious, irritable and less likely to contribute positively to their work environment.


So, how can Corporate Yoga help?


1) There will be a decline in stress related illnesses

2) Improvement in mental health, memory and clarity of thought

3) An increased sense of energy and positivity

4) Eases back, shoulder and neck pain from sitting in front of a computer for long hours

5) There will be a significant different in employee satisfaction, resulting in higher efficiency levels.


Corporate Yoga could be a step in the right direction for your company. To get in contact with a professional in your area, please visit our homepage.

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