Anusara Yoga: a branch of yoga for the spiritually inclined

Anusara Yoga: a branch of yoga for the spiritually inclined
Anusara yoga was founded by John Friend in the 1990s and can be classified as a branch of yoga based on Tantric philosophy, which focuses on alignment and order in one’s life. Anusara yoga emphasises the experience of joy through practising yoga and celebrates ‘the Universal Principle of Alignment’, which refers to a belief in the importance of balance and harmony in life. ‘Anusara’ means ‘to follow one’s heart’ and the practice of Anusara yoga is often referred to as ‘yoga of the heart’.

Each class of Anusara yoga opens with a set ritual comprised of chants and recitals of Anusara invocations in Sanskrit. Each class tends to be very planned to flow harmoniously from one stage to another. Over 250 poses make up the full syllabus of Anusara yoga. Poses include backbends, forward bends, inversions, hand balancing, standing poses and more. The ultimate goal of each class is for students to leave with a deep sense of upliftment and fulfilment in terms of having a greater understanding of their divine nature.

The philosophy of Anusara yoga is based on the foundational principle that all people are inherently good, no matter their current struggles or faults. Anusara yoga is designed for every level of yoga student from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners.

Ansura yoga has multiple benefits for both the body and the mind. The art of Anusara is designed to be a spiritual experience that is accessed through manipulation of the body and through meditation. One’s body becomes stronger, muscle tone improves, and flexibility increases. Anusara yoga also relieves underlying injuries or areas of tension in the body. Mentally, Anusara yoga aims to restore a sense of connection between body and mind and to ease stress and anxiety through methodical, flowing movements and peaceful meditation on the moment at hand.

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