Prenatal Personal Training

Prenatal Personal Training

Prenatal Personal Trainers


It goes without saying that your body is going to change immensely whilst you carry a child, so many women are often confused as to how they should treat their body during pregnancy. Despite the advice your mother and grandmother have given you about the dangers of exercise during pregnancy, prenatal exercise can have positive benefits if done safely and correctly.

Prenatal Personal Trainers have two specific goals in mind: To train the body to have an easy and non-complicated labor. Secondly, your trainer will focus on strengthening your body for the changes ahead – in order to make your pregnancy a healthy and (relatively) comfortable journey.

A Prenatal Personal Trainer will aid you in targeting specific pregnancy related issues, such as focusing on cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and hormonal changes. A Prenatal Personal Trainer will create exercises as well as an exercise schedule that is sensitive to all these changes.

Cardiovascular Changes

A pregnant womans resting heart rate will automatically rise 10-20 beats per minute to compensate for the work the body is doing for the fetus. As a result, cardiovascular output will double. It was long regarded to not allow the heart rate to rise over 140bpm during exercise, however this restriction has been dropped. Although we don’t have any current, specific heart rate guidelines we know that women can exercise without harm to themselves and baby at a much higher intensity, with higher heart rates.

Your personal trainer will keep in mind that you will be short of breathe as your baby begins to push up into your diaphragm and will adjust your regime accordingly.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a huge role in how the body manages exercise. A hormone called Relaxin is released during pregnancy, releasing muscle tension and tightness in the hips and pelvic area to prepare for birth. A Prenatal Personal Trainer will need to keep this in mind and work on exercises that strengthen your lower back and hips to keep you supported.


It is common knowledge that a pregnant body carries a heavy amount of weight, not only because of their baby but also in the breasts and other areas of the body. This weight can cause strain on the muscles and bones if a woman does not strengthen her body correctly – which is what a Prenatal Personal Trainer aims to do.

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