If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the exercise phenomenon that is Bootcamp. The high energy, cardio based training guarantees that, if you dedicate yourself, you will be left with a healthy heart and strong body.

There are many trendy exercise regimes that focus on one part of the body or only certain muscle groups. However, Bootcamp has been created to target all muscle groups, giving you a well-rounded workout. The session is made up of multiple sets with small rests in between, meaning that you are moving constantly for about an hour. This constant movement is key when it comes to burning calories and fat.


Cardio and Weights

More often than not, people tend to either choose cardio or strength without ever considering combining the two. Making sure you have a balance between both means that your fitness regime is more diverse and beneficial to your health as a whole. Mixing strength training and cardio is essential when it comes to getting results, ensuring that you are losing fat whilst replacing it with muscle.



Bootcamp is notorious for being the calorie-killer of workouts. Most Bootcamp instructors will teach their session in a room without air conditioning in order to get bodies sweating as much as possible! One hour long session can burn up to 600 calories.


No Giving Up

If you begin a Bootcamp class, you are required to finish that Bootcamp class. A huge part of Bootcamp is dedication and perseverance. This does not mean you need to keep up with the fittest of gym bunnies, but it does mean you will be expected to work as hard as YOU can. With the assistance of your trainer and your fellow members, you will be constantly encouraged and pushed to your limits. You are encouraged to work as a team with your class as opposed to working individually.


If you are after a workout that is intense, rewarding and testing then Bootcamp may be for you. To find a professional Bootcamp class or trainer in your area, please visit our homepage!



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