An introduction to CrossFit: The workout for those who love a challenge

An introduction to CrossFit: The workout for those who love a challenge
CrossFit is a style of workout regime that has taken the fitness industry by storm. CrossFit classes combine a variety of exercises to test participants to the limit of their strength and endurance. Some of these exercises include running, riding assault bikes, rowing, skipping, weightlifting, deadlifting, burpees, kettlebell exercises, gymnastic movements such as handstands or rush ups, squatting and more.

CrossFit is defined as a variety of movements performed in a circuit and with a high level of intensity. CrossFit movements are focused on functionality, or, movements that are sourced from real life activity. The aim of each CrossFit session is to achieve the perfect level of intensity, this is done by packing more hard work into less time.

CrossFit is also known as a highly disciplined and structured form of fitness. Whiteboards are often used during the exercise session to keep scores and times and to clearly define rules for the class or the specific standards that the trainer wishes his or her clients to achieve. By recording this ‘data’ in CrossFit sessions, students gain an extra boost of motivation and can clearly define their goals for future CrossFit sessions.

Choosing the right workout clothing is an important part of making your CrossFit session a success. Good quality trainers are vital and must be the correct size for your feet and have a reliable grip to prevent slipping. 

Some of the advantages of CrossFit, besides being a highly effective way to improve your physical health, include the introduction that it provides to weightlifting.  For those who are new to strength training, CrossFit can be a good way to slowly learn the skills you need to weightlift safely and effectively. CrossFit is also a good way to learn the correct techniques for a variety of exercises and disciplines. For example, CrossFit trainers will guide their clients in achieving the perfect form when doing stretches, deadlifts or squats.