The top 5 benefits of boxing

The top 5 benefits of boxing
Boxing is a high-energy form of fitness that can be an extremely effective toning and strengthening device. This form of exercise comes with multiple benefits for both the body and mind, read on to find out why you should consider taking it up:

Boxing increases your overall body strength

Boxing classes include a variety of exercises such as kicking, jumping, crouching, punching and running. Boxing mobilises your upper body, core and lower body each time you engage with the punching bag. Most boxing classes also incorporate other strength training activities for warm-up, cool-down, and as part of the actual class. All of these exercises improve overall body strength and tone each large muscle group. 

Boxing improves your cardiovascular fitness

Having a healthy level of cardiovascular fitness is vital to protect you against heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. Achieving cardiovascular fitness requires putting moderate stress on your heart and lungs for at least three sessions a week to ensure the body can adapt to cope with more strenuous exercise.

Boxing decreases your stress levels

All forms of exercise release endorphins, which improves one’s mood and reduces stress. Exercise also improves one’s quality of sleep and allows one to regulate sleep one’s patterns and can function as a form of meditation.

Boxing gives your hand-eye coordination skills a boost

Boxing improves your hand-eye coordination, which has the benefit of improving your overall fine and gross motor skills. Improved hand-eye coordination improves one's reflexes and speeds up one’s reaction times. This improves one’s ability to play ball sports such as tennis, rugby, soccer and more.

Boxing helps you achieve your ideal body composition

Boxing combines strength training and cardiovascular fitness, which allows one to both build muscle and lose body fat. This means one may not necessarily lose weight but does indicate that one’s body composition will improve, which entails higher percentages of muscle mass and a lower percentage of body fat.