How to minimise your risk of injury in boxing class

How to minimise your risk of injury in boxing class
Boxing is a rigorous, high contact sport in which participants face a high risk of injury. The risk of being injured while boxing is not restricted to matches, as training sessions can also pose a threat when done without paying heed to important safety measures. Read on to find out what you need to do to ensure you are being safe and smart when improving your boxing skills:

Wear the correct protective gear at all times.

Whether you are in a training session or engaging in a match against a competitor, the correct safety gear is always a must. Some of the most important safety items include the head guard, which is cushioned and should fit snugly to absorb the impact of dangerous blows.

Good quality boxing gloves are also vital when sparring. Ensure you are using the correct weight of glove for your category and that your gloves have an adequate amount of padding to soften the blows you land on your competitors, and to ensure that your own hands are protected.

A mouth guard is also vital when sparring. Mouth guards absorb the impact of blows to the face, which can put your teeth at risk of being cracked, dislodged, or impacted into your jaw. When engaging in a serious boxing match, ensure you have a top quality, custom-fitted mouth guard and consider getting a guard for both your upper and lower rows of teeth.

Ensure that stretching is a priority.

Boxing is a strenuous sport that puts your muscles and tendons at risk of being strained and damaged. By stretching both before and after you box, you allow your muscles to warm-up and cool-down and, as a result, you decrease your risk of injury.

Focus on stretching muscles that are predominantly used while boxing, such as the hamstrings, shoulder muscles, and quadriceps.

Many boxers make use of resistance bands to stretch their muscles before boxing, but using a floor mat to work through stretching positions is also an acceptable way to warm-up and cool-down during a boxing session.