Homemade solutions to ease the effects of hair loss

Homemade solutions to ease the effects of hair loss
Hair loss is something that can affect almost anyone and is one of the most common aesthetic and medical problems caused by ageing and a host of other factors. As of yet, there is no cure for hair loss and many treatment plans presented by professionals are costly and offer partial results at best. As a result, natural, low-cost home remedies are a better option for those who cannot afford expensive treatments or who want to avoid the use of chemicals. Read on to find out which home remedies we recommend if you are worried about hair loss:

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is a major factor in minimising hair loss. Your hair products should be suited to your scalp and hair type in order to keep hair follicles healthy and productive. Your washing regimen is also an important factor. For example, washing your hair too often when you have a dry scalp or failing to wash an oily scalp enough, can increase hair loss. Avoid purchasing products that have chemicals that are associated with thinning hair. These include silicon, sulphate and paragon.

Following a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen is vital to keeping your hair healthy. Without the right nutrients from a rich and balanced diet, your hair will lose its shine and strength, becoming brittle and falling out at elevated rates. Make sure your diet includes nutrients such as vitamin A, which is necessary for all cellular growth and is found in carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.

B-vitamins are also vital for healthy hair, especially the B-vitamin called biotin, which is often used as an alternative treatment for hair loss. B-vitamins can be found in whole grains, fish and dark, green vegetables. Meat products are one of the only effective sources of the important vitamin B12, and vegetarians and vegans are encouraged to take supplements of this nutrient to avoid deficiency.

Adequate levels of vitamin C are also necessary for the body to produce collagen, which forms a vital part of hair structure. In addition to this, vitamin C aids the body in iron absorption, which is a vital nutrient for hair growth. Get your dose of vitamin C from broccoli, potatoes or citrus fruits.

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