Relationships: where our greatest growth happens

Relationships: where our greatest growth happens
It’s surely increasingly obvious to observers of humanity (among whom I count myself) just how many of us live our lives with little self-awareness.

We tend to be specifically oblivious of our self-limiting mental and emotional patterns. This clearly negatively affects one or more areas of our life –such as our relationships, health, spirituality, and finances.

A key example of where this naturally occurs is in the context of our relationships. Romantic relationships often begin unconsciously, driven by the powerful chemistry of co-dependency. Our shadow beliefs and our unconscious, unmet emotional needs result in transferences and projections that become powerful ‘attractors’ to magnetically bring us together in the initial phase of a relationship. We naturally mistake this experience for love.

Over time, this romantic magnetism inevitably fades; the stage is now set for our most significant growth opportunities. These are signalled precisely at the moments when we begin to be impacted by behaviours and aspects of our partner’s personality that we had previously been blinded to during the positive romantic phase.

Now, when our buttons are being pushed – if we choose to be humble, open, and honest – we may discover that we’re being gifted with access to a new awakening and deeper meaning. This is the golden opportunity to go deeper, to expand our consciousness, to become aware of and to let go of our limiting beliefs, habitual behaviours, and patterns of reactivity that not only fail to serve us but actually undermine the quality of our lives, especially our close relationships.

One choice we have is to retreat into victim mode, blaming our partner for our unhappiness, problems in the relationship, and even our own personal failures. This is, sadly, the default pattern for so many people. In this situation, people either continue to perpetuate the miserable status quo, or the relationship ends in pain, resentment, and a sense of failure.

The alternative we have open to us is to take responsibility for our own emotional immaturity and our subconscious blocks, and instead align ourselves to a way of being that places a high value on openness, commitment, and personal growth. We can begin to empower ourselves to explore the great gifts of awareness and realize that emotional maturity is not only a possibility but is highly desirable – actually, it’s the highway to a fulfilled and joyful life.

Are you ready to explore your own subconscious patterns in a deeper way and open new pathways to fulfilment and joy that will impact everything in your life? I’m able and ready to help you.

I have over 12 years of experience in various life-coaching and energy healing modalities, helping my clients to understand themselves more deeply, empowering them to reconnect to their own unique qualities and strengths, and discover their own individual pathway to emotional freedom, fulfilment, and joy.

I’d love to hear from you.

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