Power Pilates

Power Pilates

Power Pilates

If you are after a workout that places a large amount of focus on your core and an even larger amount of focus on sweating, then Power Pilates may be the one you’ve been looking for.


Power Pilates is an exercise that used a series of controlled movements that strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles. There is also a focus on improving both flexibility and endurance. This form of exercise has been designed to mold the body in a certain way – it conditions the body to be toned, lengthened and slim as opposed to other exercise forms that may condition the body to have a more bulky and muscular look. Neither is wrong or right, it’s all about what you prefer and what your fitness goals are.


Power Pilates is often compared to Hot Yoga (Also known as Bikram Yoga), and the two do hold certain similarities. Both of the practices focus on creating a connection between the body and mind through breathing techniques. The two differ, however, when it comes to movement. Yoga embodies movement that flows from one single pose to another whilst Power Pilates is far more dynamic and energetic, often making use of equipment.



The Benefits of Power Pilates

Greater ease of movement

Increased core strength

Heighted body awareness and mindfulness of movement

Stability and peripheral mobility

Improved fitness levels

Decreased impact on the joints

Increased strength without unwanted bulk


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