Everything you need to know about barre classes

Everything you need to know about barre classes
Barre-based classes are an increasingly popular form of exercise that originate from ballet. These classes are structured around a long horizontal barre positioned in front of a mirror. The barre is used to perform various poses and exercises on and the mirror allows one to check one’s posture, position and movements.

The barre is an effective prop for balance and allows participants to focus on isometric strength training, which is a specific type of exercise that focuses on holding the body still while contracting specific muscle groups. Light weights, as well as floor mats, are also used in barre classes.

Barre class is a highly effective form of exercise that comes with multiple benefits. Some of these benefits include improved muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, reduced stress, improved posture and improved cardiovascular fitness. In addition to this, barre classes are perfectly suited to pregnant women because they are low impact and can be effective in improving balance, which is often a challenge for pregnant women.

A typical barre class begins with a warm-up followed by upper-body exercises, which include light weight exercises and push-ups. The barre and your body weight are then used to exercise lower muscles in the body. A series of stretches and poses will then be used to cool down after the session.

When going to a barre class, wearing the correct exercise gear is important to ensure you can stretch and move around the barre with ease. Yoga wear, such as spandex pants or leggings, a comfortable sports bra and no shoes, are recommended for barre classes.

For beginners at barre classes, many gyms offer a ‘barre light’ class to ease participants into the classes, which become more demanding with experience. DVDs for ballet-inspired workouts are another popular choice for those interested in starting barre classes.