Top tips for naturally beautiful nails

Top tips for naturally beautiful nails
There’s nothing classier than clean, healthy nails. How can you keep yours in tip-top shape? Follow these simple guidelines to find out, and start your nail care regime today:

Stay away from harsh and cheap polishes

Low-quality nail polish may come in great colours, or be on trend, but they are cheap for a reason. These polishes often lack the protective substances that more expensive brands have. Cheap nail polishes are known to contain harmful toxins, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, to name just a few. Constant exposure to harsh chemicals can cause cracking in the skin around your nail bed, damage to your cuticles and cause your actual nails to become brittle and prone to breakage. Spend a bit extra for the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that the quality polish on your nails doesn’t compromise on nail health.

Take care of your cuticles

Cuticles are a vital part of your finger and nail structure and play an important protective role. They act as a barrier against bacteria and possible infection by shielding the tender edge of your skin against the beginning of your nail. Avoid having your cuticles cut for the sake of aesthetics, as this can increase your risk of contracting an unsightly and painful infection. Instead, moisturise your cuticles and gently push them back with a cuticle pusher when necessary. If you are planning on having a professional manicure, protect your cuticles beforehand by dabbing them with olive oil or almond oil, as this reduces their exposure to chemicals.

Always use moisturizer

Our hand are subject to a great deal of wear-and-tear as we go through daily life. Using hand sanitiser, washing the dishes, exposure to sun and a host of other factors can cause our nails to weaken and the skin around them to become dry. To counteract this affect, ensure that you moisturise your hands on a daily basis. Keep a small and portable tube of natural, scent-free hand cream in your bag to make moisturising an easy, daily habit.