Biokinetics is the science of movement. It is a part of healthcare that focuses on improving the movement ability of patients in order to heighten their quality of life. Biokineticists are one of the most accessible healthcare professionals in the world, integrating themselves in schools and public hospitals to offer their services to people who might not have received or sought after health care otherwise.



What is a Biokineticist?


  1. A Biokineticist is a recognized health professional and specialist that is registered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa
  2. A Biokineticist will measure and evaluate a variety of different parts of your body and how your body functions. These evaluations include blood pressure, lung function, endurance, posture, body composition and other health related issues.
  3. Your Biokineticist will create an individual assessment and personal exercise techniques to improve your physical health and well being.



The Benefits of Biokinetics


  1. Biokinetics can provide relief from pain through manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.
  2. Injuries can be recovered or can even hopefully be prevented
  3. If you are able to reduce pain from an injury through Biokinetics, you are less likely to require surgery.
  4. You will improve flexibility and mobility
  5. Biokineticists are also trained to deal with stroke patients who need to be rehabilitated to move and function once again.
  6. The therapy is non invasive – there is nothing being put into your body.
  7. Biokinetics can be beneficial for a woman’s body both before and after giving birth.


If you are interested in contacting a Biokineticist, please visit our homepage to find one in your area.