We live in an incredibly fast paced world. Jobs have become overwhelmingly demanding and social pressures have escalated beyond belief. People seem to have forgotten how to simple be. Spending time that is dedicated strictly to yourself and your consciousness has become almost unheard of. This is exactly why meditation is so important, especially in our current society.


To meditate is to remove yourself from a distracted state and dedicate time to focus on your breath, body and mind. From an outside perspective, meditation may seem like a fairly easy and simple task. However, because of the way we live it is surprisingly difficult to push all negative, anxious and stressful thoughts from your mind.


The Benefits

The benefits of creating time in your day to meditate are plenty. Meditation is not only fantastic for your state of mind, but affects your body as a whole.

- Relief from Stress and Anxiety: When the body is under stress and pressure, a hormone is released called cortisol. This hormone, when released too often on the body, has serious health consequences. The health benefits of meditation are rooted mostly in reducing cortisol production.

- Lower Blood Pressure: Whilst meditating, there is complete focus on correct breathing. Throughout the day, our intake of oxygen is increased through incorrect breathing brought on by stress. Meditation requires less oxygen intake, which leads to blood pressure becoming lower.

- Better Bone Density: There have been studies to show that regular meditation strengthens and conditions bones. Too much exposure to the cortisol hormone weakens bone density.