How can Chakra Healing impact your life?

How can Chakra Healing impact your life?
Chakras are simply defined as a central hub of energy within the body. The word ‘chakra’ originates from the language of Sanskrit and means ‘wheel’, which refers to the chakra’s function as a spinning vortex of various interacting energies, neurological systems, and physiological systems.

The chakras of the human body ultimately help to regulate all its processes, from the mental, to the physical, to the spiritual, to the mental, to the psychological. From head to toe, 7 dominant chakras fill the human body, each with a different chakra colour, function, and vibrational frequency. 

According to chakra healing, two main sources of energy contribute to the energy flows in the chakras. One source of energy is known as the upward flow and stems from the earth and the earth’s magnetic field. The second source is known as the downward flow, which comes from a universal source of energy and flows down through the chakras. Together, these two main energy sources seek to balance our entire system.

Chakra healing aims to achieve balance and overall harmony amongst the chakras in the body. This entails achieving the correct level of intensity of each chakra, the appropriate direction of each chakra, which can be either clockwise or anticlockwise, and the appropriate polarity of each chakra, which refers to the direction of each chakras flow.

According to the doctrine of chakra healing, chakras become negatively impacted by life’s daily struggles. Negative experiences can, therefore, result in blocked energy pathways flowing through the chakras. Chakra healing also maintains that the quality of our lifestyles impacts our chakras. Living a high-stress lifestyle dominated by office work results in reduced and stunted energy flow through the chakras, while a lifestyle grounded in balance and self-care results in a balanced flow of energy through the chakras.

When a chakra becomes blocked, the energy flowing through it is suppressed and of a poor quality. Chakra healing thus aims to unblock energy pathways and re-establish a healthy flow of energy through each chakra.