Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Its name may sound like a new trendy super food, but Chakras are actually pivotal energy portals in our bodies that allow energy to flow throughout our body. Each Chakra is specifically placed to hold certain energies from various aspects of your life.


Each part of the body produces specific cells that perform specific functions and emit specific energies. This is how we understand and decipher the different energy channels located carefully from the base of our spine to our cranium.


Healing Through Chakra Cleansing

Energy is ever flowing, and it our own energy is constantly interrupted by the energy frequencies around us. This is why Chakra Healing focuses on the opening and closing of the seven Chakras. Should a Chakra begin to close, it has been blocked due to negative energy that has been absorbed. This closing of the chakra prevents a healthy, vigorous flow of energy through the body and starts to manifest in physical symptoms. Chakra Healing believes that negative energy turns into tension within the Chakras, causing discomfort in the area of the affected Chakra. This tension, if left alone, can begin to show itself in physical symptoms to communicate that the spiritual body is unbalanced.


Here are some ways to try and understand what your body may be communicating to you through physical symptoms


Your Root Chakra may be overactive if you feel greed, insecurity and anxiety. You may feel inclined to materialistic and closed-minded feelings. Your Root Chakra may be underactive if you have feelings of being unsafe, codependent and anxious about abandonment. 


Your Sacral Chakra may be over active if you feel needy, attention seeking and overemotional. If you are feeling closed off, numb and unemotional is may be possible your Sacral Chakra is underactive.


Having feelings of dominance and aggression points to an overactive Naval Chakra. Signs of this chakra being underactive are feelings of shyness and passivity.


An overactive Heart Chakra will result in infatuation and overbearing love, whilst if it is underactive you will feel lonely and distant towards others.


The Throat Chakra, as its placement would lead us to believe, will result in talking and never listening if overactive. If underactive, however, feelings of being introverted and unable to express yourself will arise.


The Third Eye Chakra is one of intuition and consciousness. If it is overactive, we may feel out of touch with reality and prone to bad judgment and a lack of focus. If underactive, we will have feelings of being strongly linked to authority and order.


Last but not least is the Crown Chakra. One may consider themselves to be feeling obsessive about spirituality and a lesser connection to the body if this chakra is overactive. Underactivity will result in feelings of close-mindedness and a lack of direction.