Childrens Chiropractor

Childrens Chiropractor


Child Chiropractic.

What many people fail to realize is that most of the spinal discomfort or injury that we feel as we get older are repercussions of small injuries that may have occurred when we were children. Back injury can begin as early as childbirth and should be monitored throughout a child’s growth in order to prevent as much injury as possible. A Child Chiropractic is trained to deal specifically with the spines of infants and young children, helping to strengthen and develop their spines whilst they are still young to prevent injury during adulthood.

Starting from birth, new born babies may still be susceptible to spinal injury due to birthing methods that put pressure on the spine. Damage to the spine of new born babies can result in colic, difficulty breathing and a lack of sleep. As children grow older, their active lifestyles become a risk for spinal injury. Most spinal issues caused during childhood are a series of spinal misalignments that may seem insignificant but can accumulate to sever back pain and spinal injury.

Why send your Child to a Chiropractor?

Children will often not feel the pain or discomfort caused my misalignments in the spine, often meaning that they will not seek treatment until they are much older and are unable to fully fix the damage to their spine. A Children’s Chiropractor, however, will be able to identify small injuries and find a way to mend the spine or prevent further injury whilst the spine is still young.

Chiropractors do not treat diseases, instead they work through the spine to tend to spinal nerve stress. Spinal nerve stress interrupts the way that the nervous system functions, preventing the body from healing correctly. This means that often children who suffer from stomach ache, ear infections, colds and other common ailments are taken to Chiropractors who focus on the nervous system and helping children to heal quickly and effectively.

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