Colour therapy: Its methods and benefits

Colour therapy: Its methods and benefits
Colour therapy, otherwise known as Chromotherapy, is an alternative form of therapy that has evidence of use dating back thousands of years to ancient cultures in China and Egypt.

According to colour therapy, the seven main spectrum colours, which include green, blue, yellow, red, indigo, violet and orange, all resonate with the human body’s seven main chakras. For health and happiness to be achieved and maintained, all the chakras need to be balanced, which can be achieved by using techniques like colour therapy. Each colour, according to colour therapy, can influence the body positively by being absorbed by the skin, skull, aura, or eyes of the body as a form of colour energy. Different tools can be used to give out colour energy, which includes the use of solarised water, light boxes, colour silks, and the use of hands to channel healing.

Some of the methods used by colour therapists include noting a client’s strong colour preferences to find colours that can form part of the healing process. Colour therapy is also known for being a non-invasive type of therapy that focuses on heightening one’s awareness of colours and their particular energies. 

Colour therapy can be used on its own or alongside traditional forms of therapy to improve health and general wellbeing. It is also safe for all age groups to practice and has even been used on animals. 

Many people implement colour therapy into their everyday lives by surrounding themselves with purposefully chosen colour schemes in strategic locations, such as around their bedroom mirror where they will see themselves for the first time each day upon waking, at their work desk where they hope to be productive, or in an area of the home that they use for reflection and meditation.

Colours can be chosen to emphasise certain goals or attitudes one wishes to exude, for example, a person may choose to decorate an area of their home that they use for deep thought, meditation and creativity with indigo, a colour that connects with the mind or head chakra, know for its connection to our deepest thoughts and moments of inspiration.