Transformational Kinesiology

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    As a medical intutiive, I offer unique services that combine veganism with energetics for powerful healing and transformation. We draw on a unique healing system body conscious energetics modality to pinpoint the root cause of disease and then draw on a holistic approach, taking into mind, body and soul so you can master your health. We focus on: 1) Master Your Health: 2) Master Your Body 3) Master Your Energy Individual and Group Coaching sessions are available Send a message to... Read more

    Fresh start for 2024

    Validity: from 01 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2023

    Book and pay for 3 sessions up front (Total being R 1 800.00) and receive a 20% discount. That's a saving of R360.00. Once and for all why not discover why the same things keep happening, why you keep attracting the same situations, relationships, experiences. Lets clear up the past so you enter 2024 and all your tomorrows in a totally different way, free from the stumbling blocks and feeling that your life is on a repeat cycle. Give yourself a Christmas present this year, the one that keeps on giving because believe it or not, you really are worth it. WhatsApp me to arrange your first session or to chat about what I am offering you. I woke remotely or in person from Somerset West

    Heal your body, health issues, and blockages naturally. We offer full body health scans. These scans provide you with details of your health, pathogens, parasites and imbalances. We also offer kinesiology sessions to balance out the mind and body and work on sub clinical issues and Auricular Acupuncture. This assist with detoxing the body, restoring energy and Organ function, addiction, ADHD and other physical and mental health issues. Cupping - Wet (Hijama) and dry Rife Therapy (Healing... Read more

    Specialised Kinesiology uses your body's feedback to source and balance stress or blockages to create Wholeness between your body and mind. Through a series of questions I test specific muscles to discover where stress is being experienced in your body. Using gentle and non invasive correction techniques we establish balance between the structural, bio-chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels of the body. Kinesiology assists with chronic pain, emotional stress and anxiety, muscle tension,... Read more

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