What is a peptic ulcer and how can treat it?

What is a peptic ulcer and how can treat it?
A peptic ulcer is an extremely painful experience that can trigger multiple other unpleasant symptoms, such as longterm stomach pain, bloating or gas, an intolerance to fatty food, nausea and heartburn.

a peptic ulcer can be described as a wound in the lining of the mucous membrane of the stomach.  The membrane exists to protect the muscles of the stomach from the acid environment, so when it’s damaged, the stomach’s acid burns itself. 

The resulting wound, just like any burn, creates a cascade of inflammatory events that affect not only the stomach but in fact the whole digestive system. Even the rest of the body can feel the results of increased inflammation. 

As you can hear, a single simple remedy doesn’t sound realistic, and indeed it is not!  However, add a herbal remedy AND adjust the lifestyle factors that created the problem in the first place and you have a recipe for success.

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