Personal Shoppers

Personal Shoppers
Some people know how to throw an outfit together just by looking at it on the shelf. Some people have the patience and the stamina to shop for hours, try on endless amounts of clothing and persevere until their wardrobe is up to date. Some of us, however, just don’t. This is where personal shoppers become the lifesavers of the fashion impaired or even just for the time constrained.


To some, it may sound a little over the top – but lets put it into simpler terms. People hire professionals to do tasks for them everyday. We could do our finances, but we hire an accountant. We could decorate our homes, but we hire an interior decorator. Some things are best left to people who can do it better.

 A personal shopper is trained to find what you need within any time, cost and style demands that you may have. A personal shopper will be able to complete your shopping in one hour when it would have taken you five. Why? Because it’s their job and they know exactly where to go. Whereas you may wander around five stores, they know that they only need to go to once.

A personal shopper will understand your body shape, your coloring and the occasions that you need to dress for. So often we find an item we love, take I home and never wear it. This is often because we didn’t think exactly what we were going to wear it with. When personal shoppers buy an item of clothing, they will always ensure that it is part of a prepared ensemble that you can put together.

It often surprises people that a personal shoppers end up saving them money. With your budget in mind, your personal shopper will ensure that you are getting the best deals and are not tricked into over spending as many overwhelmed customers tend to be.

Before you hire a personal shopper, try and get some feedback from previous clients or friends who have used them before. You want your experience with them to be efficient, comfortable and professional. Also ensure that you reach an agreement on payment – some personal shoppers charge by the hour and some work off of commission. To get in touch with a professional shopper in your area, please visit our homepage!