For those who are more accustomed to traditional forms of treatment when it comes to health and wellness, hypnotherapy may seem like a foreign and slightly strange practice. However, if you have found that western behavior therapy has been unsuccessful for you, it may be time to explore other options such as Hypnotherapy! At Health4You, you will be able to find professional Hypnotherapists in your area.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative form of behavioral treatment. Hypnotherapy is used to change the cognitive behaviors of patients, whether that behavior involved feelings, attitudes, responses or thoughts. Hypnotherapy seeks to change these negative behavior patterns into ones that are more positive or beneficial to the patient.


Your Hypnotherapist will discuss with you which behavior you believe needs to be altered. Hypnotherapy is known to be used as a treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and other addictions and mental disorders.


The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is not the clichéd treatment we see on television. It is a precise and clinical procedure that has been proven to be beneficial to many patients. Below are a few of the ways that Hypnotherapy can be beneficial:


  • Promotion of deep sleep. Hypnotherapy makes use of repetitive language that is used to ease the mind and create specific language patterns and responses. Patients suffering from insomnia can expect beneficial results. Hypnotherapist will often administer tapes that patients can listen to before sleep, which will often result in a sleep that is deeper, more restful and far more restorative than the patients past relationship with sleep.
  • The easing of pain. Research has shown that Hypnotherapy is a successful therapy when it comes to easing pain.
  • Calming anxieties and fears. Hypnotherapy is often used hand in hand before anxiety inducing medical procedures. Patients who are undergoing operations or even giving birth can gain peace of mind through Hypnotherapy.


If Hypnotherapy seems like something that may be beneficial to you, contact one of the Hypnotherapists in your area via our Health4You homepage.