An introduction to core energetics

An introduction to core energetics
Core energetics was developed by John Pierrakos in the early 1970s and is a practice that combines spiritual development with body psychology. Core energetics focuses on how, as adults, we are prone to reinstating childhood defence mechanisms and negative habits that block positive energy channels throughout the body, which causes a disempowered approach to life.

Core energetics asks its practitioners to realise that their worldviews are negatively impacted by blocked energy patterns in the body. Through this realisation, core energetics encourages its practitioners to make use of their physical energy differently in order to make lasting changes to their worldviews. One of the fundamental principles of core energetics is that all human impulses are good impulses at a core level and that these human impulses should be encouraged to promote the healing of the body and mind.

Core energetics has been shown to be helpful for patients diagnosed with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other physical or mental problems, such as sexual dysfunctions.

According to core energetics, every person contains three layers of personality. The first is known as the Mask, which can be defined as one’s outermost layer. The Mask represents the parts of ourselves we show to the outermost world. The Mask is characterised by various defence mechanisms and survival strategies that enable us to conform to societal pressures.

Below the Mask is the second aspect of the personality, which is known as the Lower Self. The Lower Self is formed by a desire to avoid the experience of pain at all costs. Finally, the Higher Self is the third layer of personality residing below the Lower Self. The Higher Self represents who people sincerely are as individuals without any influence from society or the fear of experiencing pain. The qualities of the Higher Self include love, wisdom, leadership and power, all of which are qualities that core energetics aims to restore and bring to the surface.