Body-mind therapists and how they can help you

Body-mind therapists and how they can help you
Body-mind therapy works to heal deep-seated causes of pain and suffering in the body by exploring the intimate link between the psychological and the physical. Read on to find out some of the most important aspects of body-mind therapy and consider whether this holistic form of therapy may be right for you:

The body and mind are a single system

The mind and body are united into a single system, according to body-mind therapy. Therefore, what affects the body affects the mind. According to the principles that guide body-mind therapy, molecules exist in the body that literally carry emotion-filled memories. Each person is filled with these emotion-coded molecules that generate a constant stream of feelings, beliefs and mental images from the subconscious.

Psychological suffering is linked to physical ailments

Body-mind therapy maintains that the body responds according to what is in the mind of the person. This means that physical illness is a response to inner psychological problems and stored pain. Pain becomes stored when it is hidden in the body as a self-defence mechanism.

Body-mind therapy can expose deep-seated pain

The aim of body-mind therapy is to unearth deeply embedded psychological pain in the mind in order to bring relief to the body. According to body-mind therapy, pain and suffering experienced even during one’s earliest years do not simply disappear and, rather, becomes stored in the body where it causes damage. The body-mind therapy will guide the patient towards accessing and confronting this pain so that they can experience and release it, thereby providing physical relief from the ailment they were experiencing.

Various other therapy categories have similar founding principles to body-mind therapy and can be used in conjunction with body-mind therapy. These include music therapy, reflexology, yoga, reiki, meditation, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture therapy and acupressure therapy.