Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Improving your well-being and over all mental, physical and emotional health through the creative process is exactly what Art Therapy is. Art Therapists are trained to guide individuals through a variety of different issues – whether it be rehabilitation, counseling, psychotherapy and healing.


Art Therapists

Art Therapists are definitely not the airy-fairy image you may have in your mind. A trained art therapist will need to have acquired their Masters Degree in both psychology and art in order to practice and treat patients. An Art Therapist is trained to identify the meanings behind nonverbal symbols that are created through the patient’s creative works when they feel that they cannot put their feelings in words.


The Benefits of Art Therapy

Art Therapy does not require talent and it does not require skill – all it really requires is a willingness to try. This means that people of ages and experiences can benefit from Art Therapy and what is has to offer. Children are often the most benefited from Art Therapy, as they haven’t matured enough to feel completely comfortable with verbal communication and may give more insights to their therapist through the creative process.

Art Therapy brings along the journey of self exploration. It is very possible that your creative works will bring to surface emotions, memories and feelings that you weren’t aware that you had to deal with. Your Art Therapist will be able to identify these hidden feelings and help you begin the healing process.

Art Therapy is also beneficial to those who suffer from more serious mental disorders and disabilities such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.

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