History has seen eyebrows galore. Styles have ranged from sparse and barely there to being penciled on to shape the face. Today we can clearly see a focus on bold, prominent, shaped eyebrows that some are born with and others can only hope to attain. Microblading aims to do just that.

Many people turn to eyebrow pencils, shadows and gels to reshape or define their brows. If you are looking for a semi-permanent and professional approach, microblading may be the option for you.



What is Microblading?

Many people mistake the technique to be a form of permanent makeup, which can often end up looking very harsh and structured. Microblading is a gentler approach that offers semi-permanent results that have a more 'layered' and lifelike look than permanent makeup. Microblading is great for clients who would like to fill in gaps in their brows, create arches or even to completely reconstruct their eyebrows. The process involves using a micro blade to draw multiple strokes or 'hairs' onto the brows to ensure they have a natural look. It is a very precise procedure that will take up to two hours to complete one sitting - and it is advised that you do more than one. Avoid salons that advertise quick sessions, this is not a job that you want to be done quickly. Your microblading technician should be fully qualified to do the job - ensure that they have the correct credentials. Microblading is a relatively painless process, being more uncomfortable than painful. The procedure can cost roughly R1200 per session and will last up to three years.


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