Hot Stone Massage

If you are looking for a massage technique that is deeply relaxing and invigorating, a Hot Stone Massage is definitely an option to consider. Hot Stone massage is a technique that involves your massage therapist using heated, smooth stones to massage or lay across your back. The heat of the stones is extremely relaxing and aids the muscles in becoming loose and easy to manipulate and massage, ensuring a deep and effective massage.

Hot Stone Massage is initially rooted in Native American tradition, where the stones were heated by fire in order to ease aching muscles in the back and arms. Hot Stone Massage has however been developed and modernized in order to ensure that the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.


How Does a Hot Stone Massage Work?

Before your treatment, your massage therapist will prepare the stones. The stones that are used are usually a form of volcanic stone called basalt. This form of stone is used because of its ability to retain heat well and for its natural smooth form. The stones will be heated and sanitized with water that is heated to about 150 degrees.


The treatment focuses primarily on your back, shoulders, and arms.  However, some therapists will place stones on specific points on your body including your toes, hands, and spine. Some Stone Massage Therapists believe strongly in the energy-based benefits of the stones. Your Massage Therapist will use the hot stones to massage your back and will replace the stones as they begin to cool down. It is important that you tell your therapist if the stones are too hot, as they could cause serious burns if not prepared properly.


The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

It is important to remember that Hot Stone Massages are not intended for rehabilitation or medical purposes. This form of massage is used predominantly for stress release and relaxation. The benefits of Hot Stone Massage include:

  • The release of toxins in the body.

  • The reduction of muscle tension.

  • An easing of PMS symptoms.

  • Improves circulation around the body

  • Improves digestion



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