Social Workers

Social Workers

Social Workers

A Social Worker is somebody who has to deal with the difficulties of peoples circumstances on a daily basis. They are often the connection between an individual, family or patient and an institution such as the government. Social Workers are trained to assist families or individuals cope with certain issues or circumstances.

A Social Worker plays many roles. They are required to train people to cope with their day to day lives in order to have a better standard of living, as well as liaising between patients and healthcare professionals in order to ensure their patient in treated effectively and properly.  A Social Worker can also play a role when it comes to the legal system, ensuring that their clients understand the rules and regulations of court proceedings and providing testimonials for their patients.

There are three separate Social Worker Specializations:

Family, Child or School Social Work

Social Workers seem to be most known for their work with children. A Social Worker will intervene in family situations where a child is being affected and will attempt to rectify the situation in which ever manner will benefit the child. A Social Worker can also intervene in schools where a child is displaying worrying behaviour such as aggression, poor academic performance or truancy. A Social Worker will also work with children dealing with pregnancy, drug abuse or illness.

Addictions and mental health social workers

A Social Worker will be able to assist patients dealing with addiction or mental illness through connecting them with a health facility that will hopefully put the patient back on track. A Social Worker specializing in addiction and mental health will also be trained to council family and friends who are struggling with a drug addict or somebody suffering from mental illness.

Public Health Social Workers

A Public Health Social Worker is trained to assist people who have been diagnosed with chronic or terminal diseases. This process is often a very difficult one for the patient, and their Social Worker will assist them with healthcare facilities, care takers and support groups.