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Moksha Reiki
A year ago if someone told me I would be a reiki practitioner, I would have said they lost their mind. I had heard about it but had no interest in it. However that changed earlier this year when my husband introduced me to reiki. He had been going for sessions and loved it, it was helping him. He was convinced it was my calling and suggested I go for a session to see if it would be something I would want to study. Obviously there was a hidden agenda – he was hoping I would learn how to do it and he would benefit from daily reiki sessions. I went for a session and honestly I did not feel anything much during the treatment. But a day later I did feel a change, strangely enough it made me curious to find out more about this mystical energy healing.

I signed up to study reiki – I wanted to know how it worked, what made it work, why did it work, when does it work, who makes it work. You see, I am a journalist and as much as I was intrigued, I was also skeptical. If this reiki thing was nothing more than trickery, I was going to write a story exposing it. But with each passing lesson I learnt that reiki was no hocus pocus but rather something profoundly spiritual. It was not what I learnt from the books I read or heard of other’s experiences but rather what I experienced myself. Slowly I noticed the changes in me and I liked it. I was dealing with life better – I was calmer, more relaxed and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I live in my head – my thoughts used to be insanely chaotic. There were many nights I did not sleep a wink thinking about where my life was headed. All of this because I chose to worry about the future, instead of living in the present. Reiki calmed me down, it made me more focused on the things that matter. I learnt to control my own mind and now it’s a much nicer place to be in. I found peace within myself and that is truly a beautiful feeling. I haven’t stopped learning about reiki and other healing modalities because I believe it works - I experienced it myself.

Reiki has many benefits and is a must for anyone. Some of the benefits include:

  • It compliments allopathic (modern) medication, so you can have reiki while receiving medical treatment.
  • It is a non-invasive, gentle treatment and the practitioner can do healing without touching the client’s body – which is beneficial for people who have suffered burns or major injuries. It is also safe to use on clients with epilepsy, diabetes and heart conditions. Patients with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, can also receive reiki and it will not affect their medical treatment.
  • Reiki helps you gain better wisdom and understanding of your body and mind.
  • By making reiki part of your life it will help in dissolving energy blocks and will promote a more natural balance between the body, mind and spirit.
  • It can also heal mental and emotional trauma and ease fear, anger, mood swings and strengthen and heal personal relationships.
  • It will cleanse the body of toxins and boost the immune system – by helping direct the body to focus on achieving balance and self-healing. This way you avoid burn-out, stress and exhaustion.
  • Reiki helps you sleep. When we sleep better our bodies heal faster and return to a more natural state.
  • Energy healing improves the body’s vital functions (breathing, digesting and sleeping) so our physical systems function optimally. It assists in relieving pain from migraines, arthritis and helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopause and insomnia.

Why you need reiki:

  • It assists in speeding up healing after medical procedures.
  • It helps to gain a better understanding of your body and how to heal it.
  • Relives physical and emotional pain and increases energy levels.
  • A session can assist to reduce stress and align the chakras (body's  energy centers).
  • Energizes you and strengthens physical vitality.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Removes negative thoughts and self-talk.
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