If you aren’t a fluent Chinese linguist, you probably didn’t say this word right. I definitely didn’t. Qi is pronounced “Chee” and can be translated as the pivotal energy of force that flows through the entire universe. Secondly, Gong is pronounced “Kung”.  Now that we understand the name, perhaps we can start to explore the practice itself.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that is utilized as a system of health that incorporates intent, focus, physical postures and specific breathing techniques. Similar to yoga, Qigong is a practice that focuses on mental strength and positivity alongside physical wellbeing.

The Benefits of Qigong


  1. A Heightened Self Esteem and Understanding of Self – Allowing yourself to be immersed in such a meditative and focused practice can be very beneficial to they way you feel about yourself.
  2. Chronic Pain Relief – Using visualization and being able to control your body and mind can provide relief to chronic pain
  3. Stress Release – Allowing yourself to decrease your unhealthy responses to stress and anxiety, Qigong benefits many people who suffer from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD. It is also beneficial to people who are A- Type personalities and have trouble relaxing and letting go.
  4. Circulation – Practicing deep, even breathing helps oxygen to circulate through your entire body. We are often unaware of how shallow our breathing has become, and Qigong helps to banish this habit.
  5. Increased Health, Energy and Vitality.


If Qigong is starting to sound like something that may benefit you and your health, please head to our homepage to find a Qigong practice near you.