"A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind" - Morihei Uisheba


The next time you are surrounded by people, try and make a conscious effort to observe their posture. It is so rare to find people who aren’t slouching, shoulders drooped and stomach out. Our busy lifestyles have a terrible impact on the way we carry ourselves – we are sitting at desks and staring at computers, resulting in a lack of core and back strength to keep us erect. We become out of touch and out of control with our bodies, often due to psychological factors or learned behaviours and habits.

Hellerwork is a physiological practice that revolves around realigning the body through emotional and physical techniques. Hellerwork aims to relieve the body of accumulated tension and postures that are harming your body. Hellerwork is designed to release these tensions through manipulating your deep connective tissue – this tissue is an organ called fascia. Fascia is a pliable tissue that can be affected by muscle strength, physical trauma and emotional stresses. Hellerwork uses three techniques to manipulate the fascia back to its normal, aligned stated.

The Three Components of Hellerwork

Self-Awareness Dialogue

A large part of Hellerwork is understand why your emotions have impacted your help. This dialogue educates patients on how to engage in a positive and wholesome emotional state.

Movement Education

 Having an awareness of your body and your movement patterns will result in movement that is free and unlimited. Habits that you have accumulated and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking, and reaching will be examined and discussed along with movement patterns in your favourite sports, hobbies and other activities


Deep Connective Tissue Bodywork

 Release the tension that currently exists in your connective tissue, and return your body systematically to an aligned position. This aspect of Hellerwork is a hands on approach, where your Hellerwork Practitioner will work with their hands to release tension in the fascia to stretch it back into its normal, optimal state. Releasing chronic tension allows the body to feel free and rested, producing what might be an uncommon feeling, but is in fact state of well-being.

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