Hip-Hop dancing is a style of dance that has evolved over decades - and it isn't stopping yet. The dance style has become renowned all around the world and is celebrated by people everywhere. Beginning in the 1960's in New York City, the dance style was available to those who had natural rhythm and talent but no professional dance training. It is a dance style that started on the streets and not in a studio.

Although the style is still largely influenced by street culture, it is now available to be taught professionally in studios by qualified teachers. Hip-Hop eventually moved off of the streets and is now often performed on stage and for audiences, due to it's increasing popularity with modern day audiences.


Here are a few things you're going to learn from Hip-Hop:


1) You'll learn to improvise.


If you have ever watched any dance movie or maybe seen the real deal up close, you'll be familiar with the concept of a dance battle. This is a huge part of the Hip-Hop culture: being able to move naturally and impulsively instead of just mimicking what you have been taught in class. It is about developing your own style and being confident enough to trust your body and how it moves.


2) You'll learn to look confident.


Hip-Hop is a style that requires confidence - whether you feel confident or not. This dance style will teach you how to look brave even when you aren't feeling brave, an admirable skill to take into any career path or life decision.


3) You'll learn to remember.


Hip-Hip is seriously fast-paced, requiring significant focus and attention. To keep on top of routines and sequences, your memory will be tested. This cognitive strengthening will then be applied to other aspects of your life.


4) You'll get that heart racing.


As I mentioned earlier, Hip-Hop is seriously fast paced. This dance style is an incredible form of cardio and pumps a lot of oxygen into your body. Cardio leaves the body feeling more energized and less stressed. It is also an excellent way to burn extra body fat whilst enjoying yourself and remaining stimulated.


If you are interested in exploring Hip-Hop, make sure that you give it your all. Hip-Hop is far out of the comfort zone of most but can be an incredibly enjoyable experience if you let go of your reservations and insecurities. To find a professional teacher in your area, please visit our homepage.