Top 4 benefits of ballet

Top 4 benefits of ballet
Classic ballet is often praised as the foundation of many strains of dance and has a long history of development in line with other classic disciplines, like opera and classical music. Besides providing exquisite entertainment and exposure to classical music to audiences, ballet has numerous benefits for those who dance.

If you’re considering taking up ballet, read through these top benefits that come with this beautiful discipline of dance.

1.Ballet improves your flexibility and posture.

Flexibility is gained through time by practising various postures, poses and movements. Flexibility is improved through both static stretching and dynamic stretching. Through improved flexibility and continual practice, ballet improves your posture too. Each movement requires highly specific positioning and postural alignment, which creates awareness about how the body carries itself and improves one’s posture in everyday life.

2.Ballet improves your confidence and mental health.

Although ballet may look impossible for a beginner, it can be enjoyed by everyone. As a form of exercise, ballet triggers the release of feel-good endorphins and encourages dancers to challenge themselves and achieve goals, all of which can contribute to a greater sense of well-being and self-confidence.

3.Ballet is an effective form of exercise and encourages healthy eating.

Ballet is hard work- both mentally and physically! Practicing ballet can consume hundreds of kilojoules and can be an effective and fun weight loss tool. Ballet also encourages nutritional eating. As a high-energy and demanding form of dance, ballet requires a healthy body fuelled by low GI, quality food.

4.Ballet reduces stress and improves social relationships.

Ballet allows dancers to enjoy beautiful music, stress-relieving exercise, creative-expression and social connection with other dancers in their group. All of these factors contribute to reduced stress levels and form a healthy and effective distraction from daily worries. Ballet also encourages dancers to rely on one another for tips, encouragement and support, which creates a friendly space for relationships to grow.