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    At Panacea Wellness we believe in a unique and individualized approach to each persons treatment. We counsel from a Person-Centred perspective and tailor treatment plans to each clients needs. We believe that each person has the strength within them to change their situation and become the best version of themselves and we are here to support them along the way. The owner Dominique is a HPCSA Registered Counsellor and is BAPSA (Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa) accredited. She... Read more

    I am Marinda Wagener. I am qualified as a registered specialist Wellness Counsellor. My aim is to empower couples, families, children and individuals to overcome challenges. I am registered after my psychology degree at Stellenbosch, obtaining my honours in Psychology and receiving my degree to practice counselling. I provide supportive counselling by providing a safe space for children and adults to help them to get to know themselves. I work with individuals who is facing depression, stress,... Read more

    I am a Holistic Counsellor registered with ASCHP, and I can help you with a few counselling needs. Marriage Counselling I can assist with marriage counselling and conflict resolution. Allow me to guide you through the counselling process to build trust, better communication and connection. I can help you deal with conflict resolution and learn how to work together more effectively. If your marriage is heading for a divorce and a you have a deep desire to save it, we can work hard together,... Read more

    As a Wellness Counsellor, I take pride in recognizing every person as an individual with different experiences. Through therapy, one can be heard and accurately understood. I am here to assist you to find solutions to your current challenges and to leave you with some handy tools to navigate your life's journey through demonstrated techniques, worksheets, and useful resources. In a warm, supportive safe space we can explore these feelings and make choices on how to deal with them in ways that are... Read more

    The practice is run by Nicolette Meyer who has a great passion for people and the field of psychology. The areas of focus are: Relationship Coaching Personal development Health Emotional Work Money Family/Social Employee Wellness Employee Assistance Career Guidance My mission in my practice is to: Help clients in identifying their problem areas, Create awareness, Help gain insight Provide psycho-education and teach the skills that lead to well-being Create a healthy mind that... Read more

    Working with Women is a counselling and life coaching platform for women to address challenges or embark on changes, and find solutions, direction and resources regarding challenges, obstacles and growth. Whether you are a housewife or a business woman, and no matter what area of life you need support in, this is the platform for you. We offer online or in-person consultations of 60 minutes, starting from 07h00 - 19h00 on selected days. Our rates are more than affordable, so that our service is... Read more

    My name is Quinton Mundell and my approach to life is holistic. Through my own personal experience I realized, one aspect of our life's impacts has an influence on the rest of the other aspects. We tend to focus on one aspect as success or health and we tend to forget the other aspects of our lives. If we only focus on money we tend to neglect our own health and relationships. To live a life of happiness, love, health, success and peace we need to hold firmly to all the aspects of who we are.... Read more

    Online or in-person counselling. Trauma Counselling. Career Guidance. University Application. Grief and loss counselling. Family Counselling. Relationship and break-up counselling. Think of counselling as a safe harbor, a space where you can express your deepest thoughts, emotions, and dreams. It’s a collaborative journey where you and your counsellor work hand-in-hand to unravel the complexities of your mind, unlock your potential, and ignite positive change. Read more

    From a young age, I always tried to help and encourage others when they needed it the most. It was then that I realised I will pursue my studies in the field of psychology to fulfil this purpose. Psychology is not only a passion of mine but also a calling to be able to guide and advise others where possible. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of any other need. In every person's life there comes a time that could be difficult to navigate. My goal is to help my clients... Read more

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    The Faith to live a life of vocation we must understand ourselves. / Om geroepe te leef moet ons onsself verstaan. Read more

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