Buteyko Breathing Method

Buteyko Breathing Method

Buteyko Method


The Buteyko Breathing Method is a healing practice that was developed by Doctor Konstantin Buteyko. The practice is a specific way and understanding of breathing that focuses on healing asthma and other breathing related difficulties. What baffles people about the method is that it involves no medicine, not even herbs or homeopathic solutions. The technique relies solely on how the patient breathes.

Buteyko developed the method when he found that most breathing related problems such as asthma, allergies and bronchitis are all an outcome of deep breathing or alveolar hyperventilation. The technique then counter acts this way of breathing – it focuses on making breaths shallower through self-control and education.

The technique is not taught during a one on one session between a patient and a doctor. The Buteyko Method is prominently taught via workshops or lectures, but is also available on DVDs.

Buteyko and Asthma

It has been clinically tested that the Buteyko Method is an extremely effective way to relieve and possibly heal asthma. Those who suffer from asthma are trained to use their lungs differently, inhaling smaller amounts of air than they are used to. Research shows that people suffering from asthma reduced their medication by 90% after learning the Buteyko breathing method. Research has proven that within two weeks of using this breathing technique, asthma sufferers would be less likely to cough and wheeze by 50% .

The Benefits of Buteyko

  1. It is a once off cost. Medication for asthma and other breathing conditions can become increasingly costly and often need to be bought as often as once a month. Once the Buteyko technique has been taught, it can benefit you for the rest of your life.
  2. This method teaches you control. You will be able to control the way you breath during an asthma attack, allowing yourself to think your way out of the situation  and stop yourself from panicking and over-breathing
  3. This technique is beneficial to anybody who uses it. Correct breathing has health benefits to all and he Buteyko method allows more oxygen into your body and balances the CO2 levels in your lungs, replenishing your immune system and overall health.

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