Common stress triggers of the 21st century

Common stress triggers of the 21st century
Stress is a common physical and mental setback in the fast-paced era of the 21st century. With massive technological development, fast-paced career advances and the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is no surprise that many people struggle with stress. Knowing common stress triggers can be a useful weapon for fighting back against the dangerous effects of too much stress. Read on to find out which common aspects of daily life in the 21st century can contribute to unhealthy levels of stress in your life

Unhappiness in your career

Working hours consume most of your day, making it important to ensure you are in a healthy working environment. If you are unhappy at work, first consider whether you are in the right industry for you. If you believe you are, assess your working environment within the particular company you work for. Consider whether your workload is too heavy, or not stimulating enough, whether your working hours are healthy and not too long and whether you and your colleagues have a healthy working relationship or not. If you become aware of any problems in your work environment that are contributing to your stress, talk to your superiors to mediate the issue and take an active role in improving your career experience.

Dysfunctional family relationships

Constant fighting at home and poor communication about relationship problems with loved ones in the family home can be a major contributor to stress. If your marriage is fraught with fighting, or you have tumultuous relationships with children, siblings or parents, consider visiting a family counsellor or mediator to deal with underlying issues in a healthy and constructive environment.

Financial instability

Financial instability is a significant contributor to intense and unpleasant stress in one’s life. This is especially so if one has an unhealthy relationship with money, struggles to save, spends money unwisely, or is trapped by serious debt. If you suffer the consequences of mismanaged finances in your life, consider visiting a debt counsellor or asking for help from a knowledgeable and trustworthy person to make a finance-management plan. By facing your money woes head-on and by asking for the help you need to improve your financial situation, stress can be significantly reduced in your life.