Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release
Stress within the body can hold a very large variety of consequences that most of us are unaware of. Unnecessary stress can bring on symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, grinding teeth and tension in the jaw. It also can bring emotional symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, irritability and irrational thinking.

We all experience stress in different ways. It is a forceful build up in our bodies that can manifest in emotional and physical symptoms. Body Stress Release is a way to rid your body of any stress that it may be holding on to. Body Stress release is a technique that focuses on placing mild pressure on very specific points in order to release any tension in the area. It is a hands on approach in which your practitioner activates the biofeedback mechanism of the body by moving the feet in a very specific way - in BSR this is known as the monitor.

Body Stress Release is used to relieve stress from the body in three different areas: emotional and mental stress, physical stress and chemical stress.

Emotional stress can come from a variety of circumstances – big and small. Body Stress Release is a way to ensure that those anxieties are released from the body, perhaps in order for situations to be dealt with in a more productive and clear-headed manner.

Physical Stress is caused by overexerting the body or doing something such as jumping, bending, running in a manner that the body cannot adapt and will then take on body stress.. The causes may be sudden and violent, such as a car accident, a severe fall, or lifting a heavy object incorrectly.  Or, there may be a gradual accumulation of milder mechanical stress, e.g. habitually sitting incorrectly, or doing inappropriate exercises.  

Chemical Stress is something we have to be more concerned and aware of in the times we live in. From the air we breathe to the products we put on our skin to the food we buy, we are bombarded with chemicals. The results can be very stressful on the body.

If you are somebody who is suffering from body stress, you may be familiar with the following symptoms: Discomfort, Stiffness, lethargic and constantly tired, pain or even just that little feeling that something is not entirely well with your body.

If you feel that Body Stress Release could be a viable treatment for you, please find a professional in your area through visiting our homepage.