Biggest beauty trends of 2018

Biggest beauty trends of 2018
Every new year brings with it a fresh take on beauty and trends in fashion. 2018 is defined by daring developments in body hair, new luxury beauty themes, politically progressive makeup trends, and more. Read on to find out what’s hot in 2018.

1.Growing underarm hair

Female body hair continues to be considered taboo in most cultures, but this societal trend is changing with increasing momentum in 2018. More and more women are choosing to grow their body hair, whether it be armpit or leg hair, in 2018. Many women chose to do so in order to take a feminist stance or simply to embrace their bodies in their natural conditions. Certain celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus or Gigi Hadid, have been spotted sporting the trend this year by growing their armpit hair.

2.Inclusive makeup products

The launch of the beauty line Fenty last year brought the issue of inclusive beauty into the spotlight, a trend that is expected to explode in 2018. More and more makeup lines are expected to expand their ranges to include colours, tones and hues that include a broad range of skin tones from dark skin to pale skin to olive tones and everything in-between.

3.Eco-friendly beauty

An increased concern for environmental friendliness and green and clean living is evident in all areas of industry, including in beauty. In 2018, more and more ‘clean’ beauty products will be stocking the shelves. Makeup with natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients are becoming more popular. However, this won’t result in fewer bright colours and flamboyant makeup styles. Colourful makeup, especially in eyeshadows, will be popular in 2018 but not at the expense of skin health thanks to a focus on natural ingredients.

Crystal, lunar and solar-powered themed makeup will also be big in 2018. Expect lunar-inspired bathroom products, crystal-infused beauty products and wide ranges of celestial-themed scrubs, soaps and more.