Bodytalk: Is this the right therapy for you?

Bodytalk: Is this the right therapy for you?
If you are looking for a holistic approach to healing based on the principles of energy flow in the body, then Bodytalk could be perfect for you. According to Bodytalk therapy, the human body is a delicately balanced ecosystem of physiological, mental, biochemical, emotional and physical functions, all of which interact with environmental, genetic, and hereditary influences.

Bodytalk aims to achieve a harmonious balance between all these factors in the body to achieve optimum physical and mental health for its patients. Bodytalk therapy also aims to optimise the body’s natural healing mechanisms by restoring communication systems between the body and mind.

According to the underlying principles of Bodytalk, every part of the body down to the smallest cell is engaged in continuous communication. These lines of communication are often blocked or obstructed by daily incidences of stress. Bodytalk aims to resynchronise and repair blocked pathways of communication in the body to allow the body to once again respond to illness and injury with its naturally capable healing mechanisms. 

A Bodytalk therapist will first identify his or her patient’s problem areas in terms of which areas of their body have damaged communication circuits. The therapist will work with the patient by using their inherent knowledge of problems in their own body.

Body talk therapists will then use a technique called neuromuscular biofeedback, which entails a process of tapping or testing muscle and awaiting a positive or negative response from the client’s body. In effect, the therapist will ‘ask’ the client’s body questions, which elicits a physical response. 

Bodytalk therapists claim their techniques can improve a wide variety of physical and emotional problems in their clients. Therapists state that Bodytalk is an effective form of preventative care, pain management and that Bodytalk can improve the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Body talk can also be quite an emotional process during which grief can be eased and underlying causes of emotional and physical pain can be addressed.