Biochemical Therapy

Biochemical Therapy

Biochemical Therapy

The human body holds twelve different mineral salts – the very same salts that we find in the earth and soils around us. If these 12 mineral salts are properly functioning in our body, our nutrients will be properly absorbed and utilized within our body. If these mineral salts cease to function, we find that our bodies become susceptible to disease.

Biochemical therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on restoring these mineral salts to the body in order to increase physical performance, alleviate disease and perhaps even to tackle psychological issues such as stress and anxiety. It is important to note that Biochemical Therapy should not be confused with supplements. Biochemical Therapy does not aim to replace missing nutrients but aims to help the body absorb and properly utilize the nutrients that we put into our bodies.

Dr Scheussler, the founder of Biochemistry, states that disease cannot exist where cell metabolism is normal and the cells ability to absorb nutrients is adequate – disease is only possible if there is an imbalance between the cells and our organic minerals. This lead Scheussler to explore how disease can be avoided through maintaining a reliable balance of the twelve minerals in our body.

The Twelve Minerals

  Calcium Fluoride

  Calcium Phosphate

  Phosphate of Iron

  Potassium Chloride

  Potassium Phosphate

  Potassium Sulphate

  Magnesium Phosphate

  Sodium Chloride

  Sodium Phosphate

  Sodium Sulphate

  Silica Oxide


Ensuring that your body has a healthy balance of salt minerals means that your body will be less likely to develop disease. If you feel that visiting a biochemical therapist will benefit your health and wellbeing, please visit a professional in your area by finding one on our website.